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“All natural dog food”


Halo dog food, co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres, prides itself on using all-natural dog food that contains no wheat, corn, or barley. Contrary to common misconception, many dogs have grain and corn allergies.

Just like people, dogs deserve good nutrition and wholesome food. If you are a dog lover and pet owner, giving your dog a wholesome meal is a top priority. While this is many dog owners' intentions, many people are uneducated on dog food and how they affect their pets.

Most dog food contains additives that are more harmful than helpful to your pet. The additives are used to extend shelf life so that the food can remain in edible condition on stores shelves for as long as possible.

Additionally, many of the additives contain carcinogens which add to the growing rate of canine cancer. Nonetheless, there is a growing market for holistic, nutritional dog food that provides a piece of mind for pet owners.

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Allergy free dog food

The additives, corn, wheat and chicken meal attribute to the countless number of pet illnesses each year. Corn, wheat and chicken meal compromise the vast majority of all dog foods.

Chicken meal is not allowed in human food as it may contain diseased chicken or chickens that were sick prior to termination. In either event, if this is not allowed in human food than it should also be held to the same standard for dog food. Nonetheless, chicken meal is still used in many dog food brands.

Another nasty component that is often included in dog food is recycled food products. This includes restaurant waste and food that is not acceptable for human consumption. Again, while these products are not acceptable for humans, they have been approved for use in dog foods.

Best quality dog food

Unlike other dog food brands, Halo holds their pet foods to the same standard as that of human food. Halo dog food does not contain any wheat or chicken meal. Only real chicken is used in its dog food formulas.

Halo dog food does not contain any recycled food products or waste products. Halo dog food uses fresh, grade-A products that are good enough for humans to eat.

Halo also has many variations of their foods including foods for small breeds, adult dogs, and puppies. The small breed formula in particular pays careful attention to its components, adding omega-3 to this variation to support the needs of small dogs.


Canine cancer is not only a matter of treatment, but diet is detrimental to recovery. Most veterinarians suggest that dogs with cancer should be given all natural food that is freshly prepared.

Halo not only satisfies this, but Halo has also partnered with the National Canine Cancer Foundation to ensure that its food is high quality yet convenient. This is key for pet owners who have less time to dedicate towards making home-made meals.

Due to their high standards, Halo is the only pet food brand to be recognized by the National Canine Cancer Foundation for their holistic approach in providing the best pet food on the market, especially for cancer stricken dogs. You can find this food at Petco.com

You can buy dog food online

Although Halo is high quality in terms of their products, Halo offers more than wholesome food. They have used their efforts to donate more than one millions meals for displaced and homeless dogs.

Quality food makes a great difference. However, knowing that you are purchasing the best food from a company that is also attempting to make strides in humanitarian efforts, makes purchasing from this company even more worthwhile.

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allergy free dog food


allergy free dog food

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