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"Canine health problems"

Dog health info and our pets’ health are as important to us as our health. We take them to the vet for regular check ups and their yearly shots.

We make sure they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Here you will find many ways to help your pet when he is not feeling well, symptoms to watch for and products that may help

Canine allergies

On average our pets are pretty healthy, but every once in awhile they will have an off day or pick up a bug. They may throw up or have diarrhea or constipation. If it is just a one-time thing we let it go and don’t worry about it.

Canine health problems that need attention

If when they are throwing up a number of times or have persistent diarrhea we must take action and find the problem and help them. We will do what we can to help if we think it is minor but if it something we don’t know what is the cause or can’t give them any relief we call the vet.

When my girls don’t feel well you can usually tell just by looking at them. Their eyes are not as bright and happy and their body language is slower and sluggish. They just aren't as perky as they usually are.

dog health diagnosis

Dog health info on symptoms

There are other certain signs that when we see them we will call the vet without hesitation. Some of these signs are bleeding, swelling or painful movement. If Hanna gets bitten by an ant I have to rush her to the vet for a shot because she will swell up so bad her throat will close.

During the summer I have to always watch her closely for signs of an ant bite when she goes outside to potty. It is a constant threat to her life I have to be aware of and on the lookout for.

blood dog health in liver

Dog illnesses symptoms

As our pets get older and become geriatric we must watch for arthritis, dementia, cancer and other illnesses that affect the aged pets. They began to move a bit slower and play a little less often.

These illnesses are not all life threatening but they are all painful. We want to give them what ever they need to relieve their discomfort and to have a good quality life.

Today many of us have health insurance for our pets. Major surgery is very expensive and dog health insurance helps to defray this. Accidents happen and surgery or emergency care may be needed.

We would no more deny our furbabies this care than we would ourselves. Pet insurance is becoming more available everyday. For more dog health info browse the site, I hope we can be of some help for what you are searching.

symptoms of dog illnesses

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