Why you shouldn't buy cheap dog beds

When you buy cheap dog beds for your pets, you expose your pet to any number of uncomfortable and even dangerous situations.

Dogs are much like humans, in that they need a certain amount of comfort in order to be happy and live healthy lives.

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Uncomfortable dogs are unhappy dogs. The average dog bed is constructed not with the dog's comfort in mind, but rather to provide the human with a novelty item. This is not a bad thing, just remember to check the construction and be aware of discount dog beds.

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When we are talking about cheap dog beds we are referring to materials they are made of not price.

If your dog isn't comfortable on their bed, it may create a desire to sleep elsewhere. You are giving this space directly to your dog, and you want them to use it.

Or they may lay on the bed once in a while, but in general, your dog will be looking for other places to bed down.

Your dog may camp out on the couch, cuddle down in blankets on your bed, or even sleep on a rug. These are situations where your dog might blend in to the background. When your dog blends into their surroundings, they risk being stepped on and injured on accident.

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Dogs scratch the bedding and this is natural. Some dogs try to make the surface more comfortable. Dogs who are diggers will often try to bury their treats in their bedding.

If the bed is made of poor quality materials, it might rip apart and send dangerous stuffing all over your home. The stuffing used in most bedding can be dangerous if swallowed.

When you are making purchases for your dog, always consider their comfort first and style second. When you buy something only because it is cheap, you frequently get what you are paying for. Avoiding dangerous situations is often as easy as paying a little more for quality materials.

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