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If you’re looking at Great Dane puppies for adoption, the more you know the better off you will be.. Being prepared to take care of this very fast growing young dog should be number 1 on your list. Especially if you’ve never owned a dog before, there are a lot of things you’re going to have to do to care for this new member of your family. Knowing what to expect is half the battle.

(I met my first Great Dane at my nephews. His dog is Titan and is a wonderful and beautiful animal. The pictures on this page is all Titan from baby to two years old.)

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The Great Dane puppy

A Great Dane puppy will grow extremely fast. While it’s true that almost all breeds undergo rapid growth in puppy hood, Great Danes are very rapid growing dogs. For example, when your new puppy is around the age of three months (which is when you’re most likely to see them available for adoption), they’re still small enough to easily pick up and cuddle.

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However, by the time they’re four months old, they may be almost too large and heavy to lift. Also, this is one of the most physically stressful times in the life of your the puppy. Since they experience such extreme rapid physical development in their first six months of life is can be very stressful.

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Always ask a veterinarian

There are some relatively uncommon health problems, which can occur in the Great Dane puppies while they are growing. But they can happen frequently enough, that as a responsible pet owner, you will need to be aware of them.

One of these health problems is panosteitis, an inflammation of the long bones of the legs which can develop when your puppy is between the ages of four and nine months. This condition is characterized by intermittent lameness and pain (you may notice your puppy crying when trying to stand up or walk)

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However, the condition usually resolves on its own by the time your dog is a year old. If you notice your puppy exhibiting the symptoms of panosteitis, contact your veterinarian; it may just be this relatively minor and transient problem or a sign of something more serious which your vet can diagnose and treat.

Something else prospective owners of Great Dane puppies need to know is that despite their size, Great Danes are still fragile and clumsy as any puppy is, if not a bit more so because of his size. You may want to consider large dog crates. They may be cute sleeping on the sofa as a puppy but will soon be taking over the whole sofa.

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Extra large dog crates

Your puppy’s rapid growth can lead to health problems later in life, especially in his joints. Be gentle with your puppy, even though they may be large and appear tough enough for anything, they are still babies.

Once your dog is about two years old, they’ll be fully grown and have finished developing physically for the most part. You can switch them to adult food. It is best to feed large breed dogs with a raised dish.

This breed is magnificent and very gentle (but clumsy) and loving. You will need to watch them around small children and the elderly only because of their size, they could topple someone quite easily.

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Get some large dog toys

Grooming is no problem as they have such short hair. They will need daily exercise and lots of toys to chew on. All puppies chew, just make sure he has the proper items to chew on. When these puppies get board and start chewing on your furniture there won't be much left of it in a short time.

Other than that, the Great Dane puppies will need the same things that any other puppy needs. Lots of play, plenty of loving care and proper socialization. Training is advised because of their size especially, an out of control Great Dane can wreck havoc in your life. With these, your Great Dane will grow up to be a valued and fully integrated member of your family.

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