Places to adopt a puppy

"Puppy adoptions"

There are many different places to adopt a puppy; they all have their own benefits and disadvantages. Choosing where to get your puppy is an important part of the process and should be considered as important as choosing what breed to get.

After you have decided what breed puppy you want to get (there are quizzes online that can help you decide which breed best fits your lifestyle); there are several options available for finding puppies to adopt. Of course, even though it is easier to find mixed breed puppies, there are options available for finding purebred puppies to adopt as well.

Dog rescue shelters

Breed specific dog rescue - There are many breed specific dog rescue organizations working to help place purebred dogs rescued from poor living conditions, which have been mistreated or just had to be given up by the owner. These rescue groups have a stringent screening process for prospective owners to ensure compatibility and reduce the risk of having to “rehome” the dog.

Calling the local shelters can normally put you in touch with breed rescue groups in your area. You can also visit the American Kennel Club website for a list of dog rescue groups.

Abandoned dogs

Pounds, shelters, humane societies – If you are looking to save a puppies life, or just looking for a specific personality in a puppy, you have many choices available. Pounds or shelters are perfect places to adopt a puppy. There are sometimes purebred puppies available but typically the population is mixed breed. Make sure to spend some time with the puppy alone to get an idea of its personality.

Almost all pounds and shelters have a spay or neuter policy where you have to agree to spay your pet as soon as it is old enough. There are some shelters that are now doing it before the puppy leaves the shelter. The cost is generally included in the adoption fee.

Dogs puppies for adoption

Private party or classified ad – Typically when owners are re-homing their puppies it is for one of 2 reasons. Either there is a reason they can no longer keep or care for the puppy or there are behavioral or health problems.

Under the first set of circumstances, chances are you can find a happy well adjusted pup that just needs a new home. Under the second set, there will be a lot of patience and work to rehabilitating the puppy if possible. With health problems there may also be a large financial commitment necessary.


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