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flea control homemade

Are you looking for natural flea control or flea medications? Finding the best flea control homemade treatments not only benefits you but also your dog as well. Far too many treatments these days have chemicals and harmful products in them resulting in the ill health of you and your pet.

Being vigilant about controlling fleas is vital as they can spread rapidly, and cause huge problems all over your home. Fleas can produce millions of eggs in a very short space of time, meaning they can infest your home rapidly.

Although there are many different treatments that you can purchase over the counter, they often can adverse affects to the residents of your home. The best way to treat your dog is with a homemade remedy.

There are several different ones to choose from that can help you to kill the existing fleas, and prevent them from returning. You need to ensure that every area in your home has been cleaned and disinfected. The pets bedding is the perfect breeding ground for fleas, and should be washed often with the final rinse being in eucalyptus essential oil.

homemade flea killer

Homemade flea killer

This type of essential oil is so effective it also kills house and dust mites as well, making it ideal for washing all of your bedding in. Another flea control homemade treatment is to sprinkle table salt on the floors and furniture before vacuuming.

This will help to kill the fleas, and deter them from returning to the surfaces. You will need to ensure that you vacuum often not allowing any fleas to begin laying eggs. Every soft furnishing should be cleaned often, and the corners of the room and under the sofa need to be done as well.

natural flea killer

Natural flea killer

If your dog is suffering from flea bites, and they are already infected you may want to bath them in lavender oil. Adding a few drops to the water before you bath them will help to relieve the itching and kill the fleas.

You can also make an effective flea collar by rubbing their collar with a mixture of different essential oils. These include lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus and geranium oil, all of which are effective in killing the fleas.

Natural flea remedies

Ensuring that your dog is well fed and has a balance diet will also help the flea problem. Adding garlic to the diet is a great flea control homemade remedy that will be released through the pet's skin making it a horrible environment for the fleas.

Apple cider vinegar is another great alternative as this makes your pets skin acidic, and unpleasant for the fleas to live with. By keeping your dog in good health you will be helping them to cope with any fleas they do pick up.

Flea trap

Getting rid of all fleas is a daunting task, and one that you will rarely achieve, however, if you are on top of the problem you can keep the fleas under control.

You will find the odd one rather than a huge infestation of fleas on your pet, and in your home. Keeping your house clean, pet bedding washed regularly, and ensuring that you vacuum even the hard to reach places you will be keeping the problem to a minimum.

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