Female dog pregnancy

"Dog pregnancy signs"

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Female dog pregnancy typically results in unwanted puppies that wind up in shelters, if they are lucky. There are those that have a much more unpleasant method of disposing of unwanted litters.

There is an easy alternative to this cycle, spaying or neutering your pet. There are many programs designed to help those who cannot afford this service. Checking with your local shelters or vets can direct you to these organizations.

Gestation period of a dog

With this said, if you choose to allow your dog to breed, you need some basic information to keep her comfortable and healthy until she delivers. The average canine pregnancy lasts 9 weeks or anywhere from 59 to 63 days.

If you know when she mated this will give you an idea of the birth date. Plenty of food and water and regular vet care is the only special care necessary.

Being familiar with the signs of pregnancy in your dog will help you detect this condition when and if it happens.

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Early dog pregnancy signs

Decreased appetite – Not all dogs experience this “morning sickness” for dogs, but some do almost or completely stop eating for the first week to ten days of pregnancy.

Decreased activity – Typically being a symptom of illness, with females that have recently bred this can be a sign of pregnancy.

Nipple growth/vulva size – When a female goes into heat (their menstrual cycle) the vulva becomes swollen, with pregnancy this size does not resume its original size. The nipples will swell in early pregnancy getting prepared for milk production.

Behavioral changes – During female dog pregnancy you may see your dog increase its affection or do just the opposite and draw away during early pregnancy due to hormone production.

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Late term canine pregnancy sign

Abdomen size – You will notice a distinct increase in the size of your dogs belly with multiple pups. There are instances where pregnancy was completely hidden due to a small litter of one or two pups.

Puppy movement – Just the same as with humans, puppies begin moving in utero. This can be exaggerated with large litters. A few days before birth the litter will get in position and movement will decrease.

Milk production – As delivery draws nearer milk production begins in earnest and there may even be leaking evident.

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