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Have you decided to buy a Yorkshire terrier teacup puppy? There some things you may or may not know about this breed that could affect your decision or at least help you make an informed one.

This is a beautiful breed with many endearing qualities and a strong play drive, perfect for older children. Here is some helpful information regarding size, temperament, coat and general health.

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Size The Yorkie is in the toy breed category. Males and females can range up to 7+ pounds and 7 inches tall. Most people have fallen in love with the little 3 lb. Yorkshire terrier teacup puppies that look like teddy bears and such a demand for these have left some breeders exploiting this breed trait to the detriment of the dog's health. These are excellent apartment dogs as their size makes exercise possible anywhere

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Temperament The Yorkshire terrier has a loyal protective nature and a zest for life. Their eyes truly are the windows to their souls. They are expressive and devoted. Regardless of his size, he will confront anything that seems menacing. They do need supervision around little ones if they have not been taught to be gentle.

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Coat These puppies are perfect for any household. They are non-shedding and non-allergenic. They begin with a black on tan coat that turns blue/gray on an almost golden wheat color. Their coat will grow to the ground and be stunning with proper grooming and hygiene. Most prefer to keep their pet Yorkie in the puppy cut as this is much easier to maintain

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General Health – For the most part the Yorkshire terrier teacup puppy is hearty and enjoys good health. There are a few things that should you should be aware of. Toy breeds suffer from reverse sneezing, it sounds like they are having a seizure or gasping for breath. This is a harmless event and is barely noticed once you are aware of it.

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Hypoglycemia - is another thing common to toy breeds.
This is when the dogs sugar levels fall below normal. The symptoms are listlessness, staggering gait, muscle weakness and tremors. It can cause confusion, seizures, coma and even death if not treated. These symptoms can typically be controlled by offering treats or honey water.

Patella luxuriation - or slipping kneecaps is common in older Yorkies and often results in lifting of the hind legs when running. This can be corrected with orthopedic surgery.

United Yorkie Rescue  Yorkie Tote Bag by CafePress

United Yorkie Rescue Yorkie Tote Bag by CafePress

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