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Leash training puppy frustration?

Frustrated with all of the pulling and yanking he does to get away?

Does your puppy “Houdini” out of its collar as soon as you get it on?

Or does he just lay down on the job? Here are some helpful training tips to get you and puppy walking smoothly together.

Wearing something around their neck is very unnatural for dogs and they will make every attempt at first to remove the offending article. It is best when conditioning to the collar and leash is started as soon as possible.

You will want to begin by putting the collar on when feeding or giving affection, so your puppy will associate those good feelings with the collar as well.  

Puppy may still scratch and whine to try to get it taken off. Don’t remove the collar at this time, or your puppy will associate this bad behavior with the reward of getting the collar off.

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Crate training a puppy

Tip: It is highly recommended for the safety of your dog, to never crate or leave unsupervised when wearing a collar. They could get the collar hung and possibly cause severe damage to their throat or even strangulation.

When your puppy is conditioned to the collar, typically within a few days, you can now add the leash. At first, you can use the same method as above. Clip the leash on during mealtime or when giving affection.

Then let the puppy drag it until it forgets it is there. Another suggestion is to loosely tie a length of string or yarn and add length as the puppy gets used to it. Whichever way you choose, your puppy should quickly become used to dragging something along with him.

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Dog training commands

I find that the sit and stay commands are essential to successful leash training. I have my puppy sit and stay, (you could even incorporate a “be still” command), when putting on his collar and leash.

It saves a lot of time and frustration trying to chase your dogs head with a collar! If your puppy chews on the leash during this stage of training, it is safe to add a bitter flavor to the leash to discourage this. Ask your vet for safe suggestions.

The next step in leash training puppy is to calmly pick up the other end of the leash and follow your puppy around its familiar area.

In the beginning, do not put any pressure on the leash. That might scare the puppy and make it wary of you holding the leash. After several times of this, take your puppy outside and calmly follow him again for a bit. He should quickly become used to you holding the leash and you can begin the advanced lessons in leash training.

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Leash Training Puppy to Training Basics


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