Pug dog health problem

"Adopt a pug?"

Did you just get a new pug dog Health problem a concern for you? No fear! Pugs are generally a hearty, healthy breed that can live into their mid to late teens. However, there are some health problems associated with this breed that you should be on the lookout for. This is by no means intended to replace regular veterinary care for your pug.

Pug care

Obesity– Obesity or a grossly over- weight pug is probably the number one health problems in the pug breed. Pugs will eat everything they can get in their mouths and still beg for more. Portion control is a must. Check to make sure you can feel ribs and see a waist, if not check with your vet for measures to take.

Dog breathing problem – Pugs are a short faced dog, being brachycephalic they have pinched nostrils and an elongated soft palate, making breathing difficult especially when excited. Use caution when exercising and keep your pug cool. There is a surgery available to open the airways if your pug’s health is in danger.

Ears – Make sure to examine your dogs ears routinely. Check for redness, discharge, odor or even headshaking. There are special ear washes made to keep your dogs ears clean and free of infection.

Face – A pug’s wrinkles are one it’s most endearing features. They can also make this cute little dog miserable. You need to wash your pugs face and clean the nose roll and wrinkles often. Otherwise, they can become infected and require care by a vet.

Teeth – The pug dog health problem reported almost as commonly as the obesity is the teeth. With a very small mouth and a large amount of teeth they tend to come in crooked and every which a way. You should try to brush your pug’s teeth to avoid expensive dental work in the future. There are also special bones you can buy your dog to help keep the teeth clean and healthy.  

Breeding – There is no medical reason to breed your pug. The healthiest option is to spay or neuter. Female pugs generally have to have caesarian sections to deliver their litters and it could take the life of your dog. So unless you have done all the research and will find good homes for all the pups, do your pet a favor and spay or neuter.

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All of the pug dog health problems here are easily prevented with a little care and time from a concerned owner. Pugs make lovely pets and can be a long time companion for anyone!


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