Portuguese water dog

"Large dog rescue"

The Portuguese water dog makes a phenomenal companion than you should consider the Portuguese water dog. These warm and loving animals are perfect for the entire family. If you are looking to rescue a dog, you will find this breed is among the best.

Dog training

When you look at this breed, outside of the bundles of black curly hair, you will likely notice how intently he focuses on you. This breed has long been bred to be work dogs.

As a result, the dog will often look at his master to give him directions on what he should be doing. Because of this, the breed dog makes a great pet to do complex and difficult tricks, if the owner is dedicated to teaching them.

Portuguese Water Dog Rescues

Of course, when you are headed out to rescue any animal, you need to understand the commitment you are making. It would not be fair to any dog to give him a new home on a trial basis only to send him back.

You must be ready for a lifetime commitment to this new family member. Many animals get attached quickly to new owners and it can be heart breaking for them to have to change homes repeatedly.

Hypoallergenic dog

That said, we can also look at more of the perks of living with this wonderful animal! The next is that wonderful point about this breed is the dogs aren't shedders like you might imagine they would be.

Their genetic makeup results in minimal shedding and helps to make them a more hypoallergenic solution for those that are considering the Portuguese water dog for rescue. This breed is the one that President Barack Obama received one from Senator Ted Kennedy when they were in search of a hypoallergenic dog.

Since this is a water breed, you should ensure that you have a water source for your new rescue as well! This can be anything from a lake to a stream and anything else you can find for them. They are typically good swimmers, but be careful and keep a close eye on them to ensure that there are no problems while you both are out enjoying the water.

Another thing you must remember is that these dogs will require frequent exercise. When this breed experiences a lack of regular exercise they begin to experience hip and joint problems that can become painful.

You should anticipate providing your new dog with about 60 minutes of physical exercise and 15 minutes of mental exercise each day. It is possible to combine the two and allowing him to do activities that seem very natural as well.

For those that do decide to go with this breed, you will have the best rescue possible. These loving and loyal dogs will bring a boatload of joy and fun to your family.

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