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Looking for ways of how to clean dog urine from your carpet? Dog incontinence can have many causes including new puppies that have yet to pick up the training, to aging dogs incontinence and kidney disease. Any of these can cause your floors to become stained and odorous.

While dog urine may not be as potent as say, cat urine, it does leave an odor immediately detectable by other dogs or even revisited by the culprit. This odor is caused by bacteria growth after the chemicals have began to break down.

dog urine removal

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To prevent re-occurrences by the offender, or even territorial marking by your other dogs, it is important to immediately remove the urine and any traces of odor that may be left behind. There are several home remedies available and there are also many commercial products on the market for this.

How to clean dog urine using commercial products. Most have the same ingredients you will find in the home remedies and only offer the convenience of being prepared for you and having fragrances added.

If you are concerned there are places of dried urine on your carpet you can use a black light bulb (available at any department store). The dried patches will fluoresce under black light in a dark room.

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Products, how to clean dog urine

Some of the commercial products available are enzyme based. This simply means these are engineered proteins used to break down the chemicals in your dog’s urine.

The problem being, these enzymes will react to anything else that may be present as well, including any detergents or chemicals you may have used to clean the flooring.

These products can be unsafe for some of the surfaces in your home; they can also leave a sticky residue meaning youhave to clean twice. Use caution when using these, test an area that is not noticeable first to see the result.

Dog urine removal

Here is a simple home remedy recipe and the instructions for its use on how to clean dog urrine:


Baking Soda
White Vinegar
Liquid Dishwashing Detergent
3% Hydrogen Peroxide


1) Begin by soaking up as much of the urine as possible. Patting or blotting the spot with a towel or paper towels will absorb more, while rubbing will merely spread the urine. Do this until you can no longer detect any moisture on the spot.

2) Next, mix equal parts vinegar and water. You want to soak the area with this mixture while vigorously scrubbing the spot to ensure penetration to the bottom of the stain. The vinegar acts as a neutralizer to the ammonia in the urine. Now blot the area and if you own a wet or dry vac, vacuum as much of the liquid as possible.

3) When the area as dry as you can get it, sprinkle the area with baking soda. Making sure to be liberal with this. Then mix 4 oz. of the peroxide with 1 tsp. detergent and work into the spot making sure the baking soda is worked well into the fibers.

4) Allow this to dry completely, then vacuum thoroughly.

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