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"Should I breed my dog?" When one gets a dog with wonderful characteristics, they will often this important question.

This question is a logical extension of one's delight with their dog's character, personality, or simply those physical characteristics. But we must carefully consider selective breeding.

Who doesn't have the urge to attempt to produce more of a good thing?

Man people that consider breeding are looking to try to produce the next Lassie or the next "Best in Show" at the Westminster Dog Show.

Those that take the responsibilities of being a conscience's breeder seriously know that this is as much a science as it is an event.

Mates should be thoroughly cross-referenced before making a commitment to attempt to produce a litter.

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Aggressive dog breed selector is important

The responsibilities that one takes on to become a breeder of value, rather than someone that is just trying to make a buck by operating a puppy mill are significant. A true breeder will focus on trying to produce every new litter so it is better than the last litter.

Not in the number of puppies born, but the qualities of the puppies born. Working for championship characteristics including temperament and obedience as well as the preferred physical characteristics.

It is sad, but true, that many breeders, especially those that are only interested in fighting dogs illegally, will focus only on the aggressive and strength characteristics of dogs within a specific breed.

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Think your dog is the smartest dog breed or the cutest

When reviewing the question, Should I breed my dog? responsible breeders will inform themselves of a vast number of criteria even before considering breeding. There is much to be learned in the areas of what traits are considered to be favorable characteristics for the breed.

Another point to consider when asking Should I breed my dog. Possible health concerns that may be created by too much in-breeding, and the ultimate desires of the future owner. It often does make a difference if someone is looking for the next "Best in Class" show dog or a good pet for the kids and the family.

One should never underestimate the importance of considering the potential for passing along, or creating, new genetic disorders when confronted with the question “Should I breed my dog?” Efforts to try to, build the perfect beast can regularly backfire.

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Should I breed my dog, is a question that you need to thoroughly investigate. Everyone needs to be well schooled as to the extent that attempts to meet or exceed the standards for a breed, they may be risking passing along or even exacerbating genetic defects. Breeding dogs is not like breeding horses, there are no objective tests to prove that your dog is the fastest (except perhaps for greyhound racing).

Most characteristics for dogs are determined subjectively by highly skilled experts, but at the end of the day, it is their opinion that makes, or breaks, the final decision of worthiness.

Lastly but extremely important, the responsible breeders are also subject to making some very difficult decisions about placing their puppies into new homes as well. Puppy mills only want to know if you have enough money to buy the dog.

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Consider all dog breed characteristics

Responsible breeders will take the time to ask the question to first try to determine if the puppy is going to be able to go to a good home; one where they will be loved and cared for properly. Of all the decisions that a breeder has to make, this may be one of the toughest.

Responsible breeders will also spay or neuter their breed stock after retiring them to make sure that they are socially responsible as well.

So when you are considering “Should I breed my dog?” remember there is a lot to consider besides how cute your dog is.

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