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Toy dog breeds have become very popular among pet owners. These small dogs are actually becoming a novelty due to their convenient size.

Many celebrities such as Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton have boosted their popularity as well. But don’t let their size fool you. These smaller pups require just as much care and attention as their full size counterparts.

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When looking for mini dogs

Selecting a toy breed is no different than selecting a full size dog. It’s important to match the particular breeds temperament and character to your family’s lifestyle. Describing a dog as a “toy” is usually a reflection of the National Registry’s breed class. For example, the AKC has 8 separate breed classes, among them are the Hunting Class, Sporting Class and of course the Toy Class.

The Toy Group includes such popular breeds as the Yorkshire and Silky Terriers, Toy Poodles, Shih Tzu, Pekingese, and Chihuahuas. These dogs are also called companion dogs or lap dogs. These titles certainly do not reflect their temperaments though. Some pups in this class may be dainty but are also very robust.

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For instance, Papillion’s all though they make great lap dogs they also love going on long walks and an energetic romp around the yard. Lhasa Apso’s make excellent watchdogs but this would probably not be an ideal character trait in an apartment dweller with lots of unfamiliar noises. They have keen ears and a very big bark that belies their size.

Looking for toy dog breeds that doesn’t require a lot of exercise? Look into a Pekingese. This breed enjoys the occasional romp indoors and is completely satisfied with just a leisurely walk outside. An excellent family dog for the more mature family because this breed would not fulfill a child’s desire of an “active dog” romping around the yard. 

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Cavilier King Charles Spaniel

Another laid back pup would be the Cavilier King Charles Spaniel. Its exercise requirements are simply satisfied with a leisurely walk as well. This Spaniel is playful and devoted to its family. Although sometimes stubborn and reserved with strangers this breed is still a fun-loving lap dog.

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Dog grooming school may be needed

Though, the Pekingese and English Toy Spaniel are both laid back, they both also require a moderate amount of grooming. Their long coats need brushing to prevent matting. If grooming is not on your list of to do’s then check out the Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, or French Bulldog.

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You may need to try some dog training devices

These shorter coat dogs are not nearly as laid back as the previous two and can at times be rather saucy and playful. But their minimal exercise requirements remain about the same. Another thing to remember is that most temperaments refer to the mature dogs. All puppies play, romp and chew. Its just some grow out of this and then some do not.  

Now if you’re looking for a toy dog breed that loves to run, play and requires lots of exercise then look into a Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier. Bred to hunt foxes and to keep up with the horses these dogs thrive on action and adventure. And if it can’t find any, this terrier will definitely create its own.

These little dogs are power packed, and require a lot of mental and physical stimulation every day. Definitely not a good apartment dog, these dogs love to explore and dig. They certainly require an active owner with a good sense of humor. 

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What ever puppy finder you decide on

Any toy dog breed is popular for their size but one must consider the particular dog’s temperament and behavior above all else. Cesar Millan has made the saying, “There are no bad dogs, only bad owners,” very popular over the years. But as one author has also said before, “there are no difficult dogs, only inexperienced owners.”

I suppose it’s the same thing but it does seem just a tad easier to swallow. The point is to do tons of research before deciding on any particular dog. Do a puppy/dog temperament test before carrying your canine home to ensure compatibility. And hopefully once deciding on and finding your perfect toy dog breed you will be at the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

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