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Dog food became commercial and on our store shelves around the 1950s or so. Since then pet food has become a huge business catering to the pet owner.

Dog food recalls

Unfortunately as demand has grown and products have multiplied some manufacturers have not been careful. We all know about the pet food recalls of 2006 – 2007. Many suffered the great loss of their furbabies because of this carelessness. We must now constantly watch the FDA list for recalls or change the way we feed our pets.

Good dog food

If you have your pets on commercial food be sure and read the ingredients list. Also beware of where the product was made. We all know the recalls that came because of China manufacturing. Unfortunately China does not have the laws and standards that Canada and the USA have in place to protect us. And the USA often allows products in the commercial foods that humans can not eat.

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How to make dog treats

Before commercial food was as common as dirt, our pets ate whatever was available in the house. A lot of today’s pet foods are full of chemicals we can’t even pronounce, preservatives and fillers. Wheat gluten is one of the most common fillers.

Since everyone today has their pets on commercial foods health problems are becoming more common than ever before. Some vets are becoming suspicious of the problems that some dogs are developing today. Seizures have increased and allergies are among more common complaints that vets have to deal with.

Compare labels, read ingredients and I think you will be surprised at what you discover. I had to start reading labels because of Hanna allergies. Which it turned out to have saved the lives of both of my girls.

Dog recipes

Not all-commercial pet food is bad of course. But we as pet owners we must do our homework. We need to read the labels, check the ingredients and determine what nation the food was made in, for the protection of our pets.

There are some owners that have totally given up on the commercial food. They now make their own food to be sure their pets are safe. I do understand this position and included some recipes for you.

This is a great idea, just be aware of some foods that could kill your pet. On this page you will find a list of food not to feed your dog.

For the owners that are confused and worried about the food on the market, here is a great cook book for you. 130 recipes just for your dog. No more wondering what is in your pets food.

Natures Recipe Dog Food

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