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Canine kids is about all types of small dogs to the largest dog in the world
Canine kids is the best place for everything, from dogs fashion to puppy training tips.

Beautiful chic dog clothing. Dog outfits that are uniquely stylish.
I enjoy sewing dog clothing because the outfits are quick and fun to make up. This is one of the items I made a couple of years ago. I made this vest

Our Canine Kids
Canine pets and furbabies. We love our canine kids.

Cushings disease in dogs health symptoms to be aware of.
The onset of cushings disease in dogs has various symptoms that indicate its presence in a dog and helps a family realize their pet may be sick or in

Dog health info and symptoms of dog illnesses from puppy to senior dog health
Dog health info and our pets health are as important to us as our health. We take them to the vet for regular check ups and their yearly shots.

Hypoallergenic dogs, choosing a dog breed, best dog breeds
Everyone wants the hypoallergenic dogs. What they don’t realize is that there is really no such type of dog. Don’t misunderstand me; some breeds are

ask a veterinarian, vet insurance, veterinary assistant, crate training a dog, s
How often have you wanted to ask a veterinarian a question but it was after hours or on the weekend? You wanted information about some pet medications

dog sweater knitting pattern, small, dog sweater pattern, large dog sweater, ins
A cute dog sweater knitting pattern is ideal for creating a little extra warmth to keep your pet warm. Though your pet may not think the idea is a goo

Cheap dog beds can be dangerous
Don't buy cheap dog beds. They not only waste money but can be dangerous to your pet.

Compare dog insurance for the best rates
How to compare dog insurance companies for the best rates

dog skin disorders, canine skin disorders, canine allergies, dog allergies
What are some dog skin disorders and what can we do about them? A dogs skin and coat are a general indicator of its health. A healthy coat is full an

canine kidney stones, canine kidney disease, dog illness symptoms, canine illnes
Canine kidney stones can affect any dog, but appears to occur more frequently in small breed dogs, older neutered dogs and obese dogs.

Female dog pregnancy, what are the signs? Dog pregnancy signs,
Female dog pregnancy typically results in unwanted puppies that wind up in shelters, if they are lucky. There are those that have a much more unpleasa

worms in dogs, whipworms types, worms dog, heart worms, in dog stool
There are 5 common varieties of worms in dogs: roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, and heartworms.  With the exception of heartworms, all the

The largest dog in the world, yes the biggest dog in the world
The largest dog in the world belongs to a breed that is known as the English Mastiff, but most people just call this dog a Mastiff. These canines are

Dog breed selector quiz from a mixed dog breed to a pedigree
Dog breed selector quiz from a mixed dog breed to a pedigree. Are you concerned about a perfect fit between you and “mans best friend”?

Magnificent Great Dane puppies, the gentle giant
Searching for Great Dane puppies and what to be aware of with this wonderful breed.

Should I breed my dog is a question you should research first.
Should I breed my dog When one gets a dog with wonderful characteristics, they will often this important question, This question is a logical extensi

types of small dogs, teacup poodle, toy dog breeds, akc breeds, blood sugar coun
When researching the many types of small dogs one realizes there’s a lot to choose from. How do you decide which one is right for you? With their ende

pug dog health problem, canine health problems, adopt a pug, pug care
Do you have pug dog health problem or a concern for you? No fear! Pugs are generally a hearty, healthy breed that can live into their mid to late teen

toy dog breeds, puppy finder, dog grooming school, dog training devices, mini do
Toy dog breeds have become very popular among pet owners. These small dogs are actually becoming a novelty due to their convenient size. Many celebrit

A list of non shedding dog breeds. Picking the best dog breed for your family
There are pet owners that are allergic to dogs so they have non shedding dogs. And there are many others that would like to have a dog in our family.

Yorkshire Terrier teacup puppy, Yorkie rescue, puppy adoptions
If you decided to buy a Yorkshire terrier teacup puppy? There some things you may or may not know about this breed that could affect your decision or

Studying dog food reviews for the best diet possible.
Reading dog food reviews are the best way to ensure that help you to understand what foods you are feeding your pet. Your dog is part of the family a

Homemade dog food, dog food comparison, free dog recipes
Homemade dog food recipes versus commercial diets is something to consider if your dog requires a special diet. Or if you just want to be sure of what

Choosing the best puppy food you can buy.
Are you wondering which product is the best puppy food to buy for your furry canine pal? This is a common question, especially with all of the many va

dog food, dog recipes, good dog food, how to make dog treats
Dog food became commercial and on our store shelves around the 1950s or so. Since then pet food has become a huge business catering to the pet owner.

Leash training puppy, puppy training tips, crate training a puppy, dog training
Leash training puppy frustration? Frustrated with all of the pulling and yanking he does to get away? Does your puppy “Houdini” out of its collar as s

Career Dog in Training, Career dog training, dog training job, basic dog obedien
Have you ever seen a show about a career dog in training? If you cannot live without watching dog TV shows, have a habit of collecting dog books and a

Training your dog to sit, training your dog to stay, how to train a dog, puppy t
Training your dog to sit is one of the handiest commands you can teach your canine. It’s one of the easier obedience tools that can be taught and is u

portuguese water dog, rescues, portugese water dog rescue, dog rescue shelters,
If you are looking for a dog that makes a phenomenal companion than you should consider the Portuguese water dog. These warm and loving animals are p

places to adopt a puppy, abandoned dogs, puppy adoptions, dog rescue shelters, d
There are many different places to adopt a puppy; they all have their own benefits and disadvantages. Choosing where to get your puppy is an important

puppy adoptions, choosing a puppy quiz, places to adopt a puppy
Puppy adoptions are a lifesaver. Literally! Hundreds of thousands of dogs each year are euthanized due to irresponsible owners who neglected to spay

Dog adoption, shelters, small dogs for adoption, free dog adoptions, small dogs
Does your son or daughter want a puppy? A rescue dog adoption might be the perfect answer. This not only provides your children with a pet, but also p

puppy bowl, puppy games, puppy training games, funny puppy photos, puppy videos
Puppy Bowl is one of Animal Planet's most creative ideas that involve puppies duking it out at a model stadium to mimic a Super Bowl-style presentatio

animal funerals, canine creamation, death of a dog, cost of creamation
Animal funerals are needed to say good bye to our beloved pets the same as they are needed for our human family. When a pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Dog illnesses, canine illness, animal funerals, deceased pet care, sick dog
Dog illnesses can easily lead to an unexpected death of your beloved dog. It is best to prepare ahead of time for both the death of a pet and how to h

Flea control homemade flea killer, natural flea killer, natural flea remedies,
Are you looking for natural flea control or flea medications? Finding the best flea control homemade treatments not only benefits you but also your d

Dog hair care, how to groom a dog, canine grooming, how to make hair bows
Dog hair care is an important part of your dog's health and is sometimes over looked by the owner. But with quick regular brushing and combing to help

how to clean dog urine, house train a puppy, dog urine removal
How to clean dog urine Dog incontinence can have many causes including new puppies that have yet to pick up the training, to aging dogs incontinence

Dog books for everyone
Dog books for all your canine needs. Training, raising and health.

Dog links, female dog pregnancy,how to draw a puppy, choosing a puppy quiz
Dog links for all our fellow canine lovers.

Site Map for Canine Kids
Site Map for Canine Kids

Chihuahua dog clothes ,shih tzu chihuahua mix, adopt puppy and cute chihuahua na
A Shih Tzu Chihuahua dog mix. She is half Chihuahua really and also half Shih Tzu. Her mother was a 5 lb Shih Tzu and her father was a 3 lb shorthair

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

canine pets, how to draw a puppy, small puppies, dog pet store, puppy growth ra
We love our canine pets and yes refer to them as our canine kids. We care for them the same as we would our human children. They receive the best we c

Canine survey
Canine survey to help with the dog information you seek.

dog story, family watch dog, pics, dog in training, your dog to sit
I have always enjoyed sharing many a dog story about my canine kids. It came to me that you probably love to share stories about your beloved pets als

I Love my Dobie (Doberman Pincher)
I just wanted to share with you how glad I am that I choose to have a Doberman. A dog I once feared, due to the movies. Then quite a few years ago my

Canine bad breath hurts your dog as well as you
Canine bad breath will take the fun out of holding your pet and getting those doggie kisses. This can also get so bad that nobody wants your pet aroun

Painful smelly canine ear infections, symptoms and causes
Canine ear infections can affect any breed of dog at any age. They do affect certain breeds more prevalently, the poodle, schnauzer and cocker spaniel

Canine skin cancer, symptoms in dogs and what it looks like.
Canine skin cancer is hard to think about. It is even harder to hear the vet say it out loud about your pet. My furbaby is only eight years old and sh

Puppy training basics, puppy training tips, basic puppy training
Puppy training basics should start just as soon as possible. If you start training your dog at a young age you will find that you have fewer problems

Dangerous flea bites on humans and the best flea treatment. Flea allergy
Flea bites on humans, over a period in time could lead to some health conditions. The menacing presence of fleas in the home can be a miserable exper

4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Flea Free
Using some natural flea killers According to The Humane Society in the USA, more than 1600 pets have died because of the mistaken flea treatments giv

Comments for 4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Flea Free
Using some natural flea killers According to The Humane Society in the USA, more than 1600 pets have died because of the mistaken flea treatments giv

Mom adopt puppy for me
When I was at the age of five or six, my mom adopt puppy named Chinthu for me. I was a single child and since both my parents were working, I had onl

Dog pics of family watch dog
When I was a small girl I had a cute little puppy at my home. Initially I was very scared of all dogs. But later we became good friends. I named the d

Pets poisoned
From: Nadia Sikder. 211/2 Ulan, Rd. Rampura Dhaka- 1219. Bangladesh. Subject: Animal Brutality. Contact:01191352473, 01720194213. (bugged) Zavier Ju

Small Dogs For Sale A Tribute to Jackie
About 20 years ago I came upon a litter of small dogs for sale. I brought a tail-wagging little spaniel dog home. That male spaniel was about one mont

My loving pet and dog treatments
I would like to share my view about my dog which I have kept at home in my child hood.I named my pet as Johnny. I really loved it a lot. First when m

Otis like Courage the cowardly dog won
My mom says we always have the best luck with pets that find us, rather than ones that we seek out. The best example would be Otis, our Labrador/Dachs

Pekingese Puppies Will Give Warm Homecoming
Hello, I had been away for 6 months at a study abroad program. When I walked in the door of my house our family dog, a three-year-old Peek-A-Poo name

Belgian Malinois Rescue
This is Kyra, our 2 year old Belgian Malinois. My husband and I had just married, and were searching shelter after shelter for just the right addition

The family watch dog
I am a fairly proud pet parent. My home includes four dogs and two cats. Each and every one of my pets has a personality, but just like in any group

Cattle dog training and behavior
This is my favorite photo of my two dogs Tasha and Rhys. Tasha is a Cattle Dog mix and Rhys is a Malchi. (Maltese/Chihuahua) These two best friends s

Our Angel, Lucy the Boxer Dog
I was a single mother with two teenaged daughters when Lucy the Boxer dog came into our lives. We already had a dear canine companion, a delicate mini

Help puppy rescue adoption, puppy rescue, pound puppy
Puppy rescue adoption is something to consider when you are thinking of adding a pet to your family. Often the only thing people think of when it come

11 most dangerous dog breeds. Some dog breeds are illegal dogs in v
People with little or no knowledge of dangerous dog breeds adopt them and then are shocked that their dog attacked someone or another pet. An attack c

Dog collars, small dog collars, dog tracking collars, unique pet supplies
At my house there is an assortment of dog collars and tags. Naturally every year my girls get their shots and check-up. So we have new tags to replace

canine camper, travel with pets, dog travel carriers, canine travel
A true canine camper. Misty is in her favorite spot when camping. She loved to travel anyplace we went. By car, truck or the RV, she was always ready

Strikingly beautiful dog wedding clothes. Order to your dogs size.
Dog wedding clothes can be hard to find and beautifuly created gowns and tuxedos can be extreamly overpriced. You will find these items are both exqui

Cheap dog clothes, how to sew dog, clothes patterns, clothe
Dog clothes are necessary for some, a fashion statement for others and just plain silly to many. We are a little bit of each. Hanna needs to wear paja

Knitting loom instructions, free knitting pattern, dog sweater knitting pattern
These knitting loom instructions for a dog sweater I created on the Knifty Knitter loom. I made up this knit sweater for my Yorkie but any small breed

dogs clothes, dogs clothing, how to sew dog clothes, dog knitting, crochet dog s
The many choices of dogs clothes today are so wide no budget is left out. You can buy designer outfits for your pets the same as for yourself. You can

Free unique crochet dog sweater pattern design for small dogs
Free crochet dog sweater was inspired by this little knit sweater I found in a thrift store. It is a tiny sweater and may be for a stuffed animal, whi

Crochet dog clothes, how to draw a puppy, free dog sweater pattern
Free crochet dog clothes, free pattern for a sweater in crochet.

Halloween Costumes, Puppy Halloween Costumes, Unique dog clothes
Puppy Halloween costumes can be knitted, crocheted, sewn or bought ready made off the rack. There are many places that sell them from Wal Mart to onli

Stunning summer dog clothes from our new fashion designer
If you are looking for fashionable summer dog clothes than you have found the perfect spot. This little Cherry Polka Dot dress is the sweetest outfit

Stylish dog clothes like this Harley Davidson jacket for your dog.
Matching stylish dog clothes are the Harley Davidson shirts you ware and this similar type Harley Davidson jacket for your dog. These dog clothes are

Amazing selections of dog hats to choose from. Dog dress up at its best.
What more could a beloved pup ask for than a variety of dog hats to wear for different festive events? Depending on the style, they range from sizes s

I love my pet yorkshire terrier teacup puppy
Love my pet She is loyal, loving and so funny at times. When we first saw Hanna she was just 12 weeks old. That was in April of 2000. We found a kenne

Favorite puppy names.
Puppy names and how important are they? Well lets face it, to your puppy it means noting more than what you say when you want her attention. You can c

House training, a puppy, crate training, potty training a puppy
House training a dog can be a very frustrating job if you go about it the wrong way. Two things are important to remember when you house break a dog i

Puppy growth, chart, puppy developement, puppy phases
A puppy growth chart should have information in it concerning more than just the weight of the puppy. The puppy goes through many phases during its de

adopt a maltese puppy, choosing a puppy, puppy weight chart, Maltese dog breed
Want to adopt a Maltese puppy? Before choosing any breed it is best to be fully informed. All breeds have different characteristics for which they wer

Chocolate lab dog names, unique puppy names, boy dog names,female puppy names,
When choosing chocolate lab dog names there are a wide array of ideas to get you started. Here are a few suggestions that will get your creative juice

christmas dog collars, small dog collars, petsafe dog collar, holiday dog collar
Christmas dog collars can be really cute but I advise you to use caution when buying them. I found this really cute Christmas collar and antler set fo

Choosing a dog breed for the family
Choosing a dog for the family can be very difficult especially when you know nothing about dogs. That was me, I knew nothing about dogs or how to cho

how to make dog clothes, pattern, cheap dog clothes, sew dog clothes, extra smal
We will disscuss how to make dog clothes here. If you have a dog than you know buying those cute little outfits for your pet can be quite expensive.

free dog clothes pattern, crochet dog clothes, crochet dog pattern, crochet dog
This is a free dog clothes pattern that I have never seen before. A little doggie shrug for our furry friends, it is way beyond cute. It is a fairly e

free crochet patterns dog sweaters, dog outfits, crochet dog sweater
We all love free crochet patterns dog sweaters are no exception. They are fun and easy to make up and yes our furbabies also need a little extra warmt

Puppy Halloween Costumes, dog clothes patterns, free easy crochet
Free puppy Halloween costume is for size Small. Changes for sizes Medium and Large are in parentheses. Puppy Halloween Costumes has a cute, free an

How to make hair bows for dogs, including free hair bow instructions for making
"How to make hair bows for dogs" is a question often asked. It is not complicated but I do believe you need to have limber fingers to do thi

Cute puppy gallery, cute puppy pictures, beagle puppy pictures
Cute puppy gallery is fun for everyone to look through and to donate to. This is a chance for you to feature your puppy for the entire world to see. S

Cute puppy pictures, cute puppy gallery, beagle puppy photo
Cute puppy pictures can be found on just about everything and almost everywhere. I collect all almost all the items I come across that have Yorkies on

dog foods, dog food recipies, make your own dog food, dog food recalls
Dog foods recalled seem to be occurring just about every day. The years of 2006 – 2007 were horrible for pets and pet owners alike. I was very fortuna

small dogs good with kids, small dogs for adoption,small dogs puppies for adopt
Are small dogs good with kids are they just born that way. Any dog, large breed or small can be great or totally untrustworthy. The real key to how a

Searching small dogs for adoption and what to watch out for.
Many places offer small dogs for adoption. What you will find is that each of these places has their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages as

best dog breed, for children, dog breed selector, choosing a dog breed, guide
Help choosing the best dog breed for children can be a challenge. Especially if you have never owned a dog before. Although there are no totally safe

diabetic dog food, making your own dog food, recipies, dog food companies
Special needs diabetic dog food or having to try making your own dog food,is sometimes necessarry for healthy pet foods.

dog biscuit, recipes, homemade dog food recipe, how to make dog treats, best pup
A free dog biscuit recipe, easy and quick for any cook. Healthy dog treats

Puppy chow, Recipe for puppy chow, homemade dog food recipe
A recipe for puppy chow is so much better for your dog than the commercial dog foods available today. No preservatives or chemicals of any kind are in

Organic puppy food, how to make dog treats, homemade dog food recipe
Organic puppy food can be made by you as well as bought. This is a quick and easy recipe for some doggie biscuits. Just remember when you buy your ing

Puppy horoscopes, puppy adoptions, choosing a puppy quiz
Puppy horoscopes are becoming a growing interest for many people. We all have fun reading the slips of paper in a fortune cookie or the place mat with

Flea allergy dermatitis, flea bite dermatitis, flea dermatitis, canine dermatiti
Flea allergy dermatitis is one of the more commonly diagnosed skin conditions for both dogs and cats. If your pet is scratching furiously at one or mo

Dog food allergies and what to do when you see symptoms
Dog food allergies have no seasonal incidence, as long as the dog is eating the problem food, he will have allergic reactions to it. Scratching excess

Canine diarrhea could be canine inflammatory bowel disease
Canine diarrhea can be a minor one-day annoyance or can quickly turn into a serious life-threating ailment. When one of my girls get diarrhea I will t

canine pregnancy, symptoms, female dog pregnancy, signs, canine gestation perio
Canine pregnancy signs and symptoms are the same for all size dogs. From the largest breed to the tiniest of them, duration and signs are identical. A

Dog breathing problem and what may cause it.
A listing of dog breathing problem that can present in your dog:

Symptoms of Canine diabetes to be aware of before it is too late.
Help for canine diabetes. It is more common in some breeds than others. All breeds can be affected but German Shepherds, Retrievers, Keeshonden and Po

Lack of canine dental care will cause dog bad breath
What about canine dental care "Brushing not always an option" Ark Naturals Breath-Less Brushless Toothpaste Medium To Large Dogs Canine

Be aware of canine tumor or dogs with cancer. Benign tumor can be a sign of canc
Is a canine tumor is something to be concerned about? Or is it just something ugly and nothing more? Just like a human as a dog ages there are differe

stroke, symptoms of a sick dog, heat stroke in dogs, sick dog symptoms
Dog stroke symptoms What is it and can it really happen? Yes heat can be one of the deadliest elements for your dog and its dangers are so easily pre

Dog illnesses symptoms, pet care health advice, canine health problems, sick dog
Dog illnesses symptoms you should watch for in case of an emergency. Because our dogs cant speak we must pay attention to any changes in their body or

What is canine Cushings disease and how to treat it.
Canine Cushings disease or Cushings syndrome is known in the veterinary field as hyperadrenocorticism. This condition is one of the most commonly diag

Symptoms of a dog heart murmur or canine health problems, symptoms of a sick dog
Dog heart murmur, is there really such a thing? Is it fatal? Is it preventable? It can be very stressful hearing your dog has a heart murmur but it do

Common symptoms of a sick dog to be aware of.
Contrary to popular belief the condition of a dog’s nose, wet/dry -cold/hot, are not symptoms of a sick dog. The only concerns you should have are the

ear infections symptoms, dog ear problems, canine ear problems, dog ear infectio
Afraid your dog may be displaying ear infections symptoms Here is some information to help you help your pet. Canine ear infections can be painful an

Correcting those canine ear problems, syptoms, dog ear wash,
Canine ear problems can be breed-specific; however, any breed or mix can suffer from a variety of ear problems. On most occasions the owner will be t

dog worms symptoms, parasite symptoms, worms in dogs, puppy worms, puppy parasit
Identifying dog worms symptoms. There are some occasions when worms do not present symptoms, which make regular trips to the vet necessary for your pe

canine nasal tumor, sinus cancer, canine tumors, nasal cancer, dog cancer
Fear your dog may have a canine nasal tumor? Watching for possible symptoms could allow you to detect a tumor in time to arrest the disease process.

How to treat a constipated dog. Symptoms and dog constipation treatment.
Constipated dog symptoms. They spend longer than usual attempting to defecate, their stool is small, hard, round and pebble like, and there can be ana

Types of canine cancer, types of cancer in dogs, canine lung cancer, dog treatme
Just like in people, the types of canine cancer are many. Surprisingly, dogs are diagnosed with cancer at the same rate as their human companions desp

Signs Of Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs,
Congestive heart failure in dogs can become a problem in any dog breed or size. Although Cardiomyopathy is more prevalent in the dog health extra larg

Symptoms of canine heat cycle and canine pregnancy signs
Canine heat cycle can be a nuisance and very hard on your pet. If you are not a professional breeder, I recommend you get your female dog spayed or y

Cartoon puppies, virtual puppy, adopt puppy, largest dog in the world, beagle pu
Cartoon puppies are just one of many famous roles played by members of the dog family. Beginning with cave drawings where dogs appeared as companion a

Pet qwerks, dog anxiety, canine anxiety, anxiety in dog
Pet qwerks and dog anxiety. Hanna being the Yorkie she is thinks she is big and tough. Usually she gets along well with cats and dogs but every once i

Natures Recipe dog food for quality ingredients.
Natures Recipe dog food, as the term indicates, does not contain artificial flavor, color or preservatives. It always avoids ingredients which stimula

Listing small breeds of dogs?
Are you searching for small breeds of dogs, there are several options available. Dogs are bred for certain qualities that are natural characteristics

small dog sweater, granny squares, free easy crochet patters
If you have been looking for an easy crochet small dog sweater, this is just the one for you. At the bottom you will find a chart on how to assemble

Halo dog food does not contain any recycled food products or waste products.
Halo dog food does not contain any recycled food products or waste products. Halo dog food uses fresh, grade-A products that are good enough for human

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