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How often have you wanted to ask a veterinarian a question but it was after hours or on the weekend? You wanted information about some pet medications or maybe checking side effects of some pet meds? There are hundreds of people that treat their pets as their own children.

This is why we have partnered with JustAsk. This box will allow you to ask questions concerning your pet's health, behavior or training. (All of your pet's very serious issues need to be addressed in person with your vet.)

Ask a veterinarian is a cinch to use; you simply type your question into the box provided and click on “ask a vet”. Your question or concern will be forwarded to one of the many experts available and answered within the hour.

Feel free to ask any questions about your pet that concerns you. We are here to help you find the answers, suggestions or advice that best suits your needs. Ask Vets and Dog Experts Now.

Questions about crate training a dog?

Our partnership with JustAsk brings you problem solving vets that can answer allergy, basic training, or any other non-life threatening questions that you may have concerning the health and safety of your feline or canine. (We say non-life threatening because, life threatening questions and your pet should be taken to your local vet immediately.)

Vet insurance is not always needed

With our ask a veterinarian box, you can receive quick answers and problem solving tips without leaving your home, upsetting your pet, fighting traffic, sitting in a waiting room or enduring those expensive vet bills.

We know unless you have pet insurance you do not run to the veterinarian and pay for an office every time you have question that can be answered easily online. Here you can simply type your question into the box and click the ask a vet box and you are done. By the time you give your pet a proper belly rub, you should have an answer or solution to your question or issue.

Partnering with JustAsk will give you peace of mind that you will receive quick and accurate answers. Along with JustAsk; we assure you quality, compassion and 24/7 access to the best pet experts that we could find.

The best part of ask a veterinarian; if we do not solve your concern, ease your mind or give you a credible answer JustAsk will refund your money. Our services are guaranteed; 100%! Our sites combined are here to help you with any and all of your feline and canine questions and concerns. From ticks to hair loss, weight gain to whether or not to declaw; we will find the most accurate answer or solution for you.

When you have a sick puppy

We understand how you feel about your pet, we love them just like a child. You care about them and you worry when something just doesn't seem right. So if Rover won't eat, or Fluffy seems to eat all the time; let the experts help you with our ask a veterinarian box.

In our combined efforts with JustAsk we want to make taking care of your mighty Pomeranian or large Persian cat a pleasure. We want to help you keep them healthy, safe and happy. Because when our best friend is happy and playful, then we are happy and playful.

So anytime you have a question or concern about your pet, no matter how silly you think it may be, you can use this ask a veterinarian box and get quick and easy answers or solutions that will help to ease your mind. We care about your animals just as much as you do because we to have canine kids. Ask Vets and Dog Experts Now.

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