Dog adoption shelters

"Dog rescue centers"

Does your son or daughter want a puppy? A rescue dog adoption might be the perfect answer. This not only provides your children with a pet, but also provides a little dog with a home. There are numerous young dogs throughout the USA and Canada, which need a home. Although the dogs differ in age, size, gender, and breed, they share their need to live with a loving family.

Puppy rescue adoption is a constant need

For any animal lover, it may seem unfathomable how a family could abandon a puppy. But in fact, it's an epidemic that happens time and time again. However, the reasons why owners of puppies leave their animals behind can vary significantly.

Lack of dog training

Sometimes the pet owners become burned out due to the stress created by raising several puppies. Even if they're originally emotionally attached to the young dogs, having their carpet or furniture constantly damaged could cause the owners to make the animals fend for themselves.

Another common reason why people abandon puppies (thus creating the need for rescue adoption) is due to the relatively high costs of owning a pet. The problem can become exponentially worse if the owners have more than one dog.

The costs of pet ownership typically include food, shampoo, flea and tick treatments, toys, leashes, and for those who want to pamper their pets-clothes. Problems such as unemployment or a slow economy can cause the biggest pet lovers to eventually surrender their pets to Mother Nature.

Yet another common reason for people to abandon their pets is due to the former's relocation. Perhaps they landed a new job in another state or country, and transporting their pet isn't feasible. In other situations owners of puppies relocate to a new home where pets aren't permitted, so they leave their pooch behind.

Still other owners have reasons for abandoning their puppies, which aren't quite common. Perhaps the dog has “evil eyes” or the animal doesn't match the decor in their house, or another pet has become frightened by the dog.

Dog adoption from the rescues

The good news is that a rescue adoption can meet the needs of abandoned baby dogs. Those needs include both the physical and mental needs of the young dogs. The new owner is able to provide food, clean water, flea and tick protection, and medical treatment for the puppy. In every sense of the word, the puppies are rescued through their adoption.

But besides having their physical needs met, rescue adoptions also provide emotional support for puppies, which is as equally valuable as having their physical needs met. And besides the puppies themselves, their owners will also benefit from the process of adopting the puppies.

Small dogs, puppies for adoption

Another benefit of rescuing puppies through adoption is the ability to help control the pet population. The fewer puppies there are without families, the easier it ultimately is to control the pet population.

While the need for abandoned puppies to be adopted will continue to exist, the good news is that you can provide a home to the little creatures. By rescuing the young dogs, you can be a modern-day hero so please consider the rescues when you are looking into dog adoption.

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