Canine Pregnancy signs

"Canine gestation period"

Canine pregnancy signs and symptoms are the same for all size dogs. From the largest breed to the tiniest of them, duration and signs are identical. Watch for the first signs of being pregnant.

Pregnacy symptoms

Although breeding the tiny dogs can be very risky. If a large breed mates with a small breed this can create large puppies and the female could easily die during delivery. It is recommended that tiny (teacup) females not be bred at all because pregnancy and delivery almost always ends in the death of the female

A female dog goes into heat about every 6 months. The cycle will last about 3 weeks but she can only be bred on certain days during this cycle.

It is recommended you spay your dog before she goes into season. She does not have to go through a heat cycle before she is spayed. This is an old wives tale. If she goes into heat you must keep her confined if you don’t want an accidental breeding and a litter of unwanted puppies

The female dog, pregnancy

If your dog does go into heat and you aren’t sure if she was bred, the vet can do a blood test on her. Take her to the vet a few weeks after the cycle. They will do the blood test to verify if she is pregnant or not.

More about some pregnancy signs

Here are some signs of pregnancy. If these occur you should take your dog to the vet to be sure she is pregnant and not sick.

Early signs most dogs show

1-     Decreased appetite – kind of a canine morning sickness

2-     Decrease in activity – hormone levels changing

3-     Nipple changes – slightly standing out more

4-     Behavioral changes – more loving or more solitaire


Later signs as pregnancy progresses

1-     Increase in appetite – 3 or 4 weeks into pregnancy

2-     Weight gain – beginning to be noticeable

3-     Abdomen will begin to fill out – will feel firm rather than fatty

4-     Puppy movement – last weeks of pregnancy

Canine pregnancy calendar

The pregnancy period for dogs is usually 63 days. Towards the end of the second month keep a close eye on her. When you see these signs she is getting ready for delivery.

1-     Milk production – last week or so

2-     Nesting behavior – 24 to 48 hours before delivery

3-     Restlessness – trying to prepare

4-     A drop in her temperature – 97 – 99 degrees

You should already have an area made up for her to give birth. Old blankets, newspapers and such should be laid down in an area away from household traffic. If you don’t prepare for this you will have a mess to deal with.

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