Dog anxiety in emergencies

"Fear in dogs anxiety"

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Dog anxiety usually begins before a huge weather event happens. They have a sense that trouble is coming.

Watching for canine anxiety

Pet anxiety is real and needs to be dealt with. My girls will start being restless that day, walking through the house from one room to another. You would think they were looking for something. And they don’t want to be very far from me.

We live in the south and what is called tornado alley. Our weather is unpredictable from one hour to the next. We may have a sunny beautiful day and the dogs will start being restless and not but a few hours later the skies will darken and the air will change to thick and humid and the wind will pick up. Than the dog anxiety sets in big time.

Community storm shelters are common around here but basements are not.

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Separation anxiety for dogs

While in Florida I read where some shelters are going to allow pet owners to bring their pets into the shelter under strict rules. They said that many people would not go to a shelter because the pets are not allowed. I can attest to that because I do not go to them for that very reason. I cannot bring myself to go to a shelter and leave my dogs behind in the house to fend for them selves. I can understand a farmer not being able to move a herd of cows but I am talking about my canine kids.

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Katrina dog rescue shelters

After Katrina hit New Orleans and the pet rescues begin I was astonished. I could not believe how many people left their pets. Not only did they leave their pets behind but also many left them tided in the yard. It was horrifying to see the animals struggling to survive. God bless all the rescuers that went to help these animals.

Dog Travel Supplies

If people would make up an emergency kit for their pets, it would be so much less stress full on them and the pets. Preparations would be very similar to your travel supplies. When you know weather “could” be coming their way they should prepare for the pets as well as the people.

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Dog Crate Training

Not everyone does this but I think it is one of the handiest and safest things we can do for our pets. Every night our dogs go in their crates and sleep right next to me. If a fire started or the tornado sirens go off I can get hold of my dogs’ crates and put them out the window in no time, and me right behind them.

When we travel we always have their crates and they are always in familiar surroundings. I do not have to worry about them running lose or getting frightened and taking off in fear.

Canine Medication

They will need water, food and any medication they take to be placed in their emergency kit or travel bag. This is no different than what we would do for our human kids.

I understand there are times when accidents happen or events accrue that we can’t prepare for and our pets are lost. But many times I see people on the news leaving their home and later hoping their pet survived. All pets depend on us to take care of them; they can’t do it them selves.

It doesn’t take long to scoop up or grab your pet on the way out the door. If you plan ahead and have your emergency kid ready your pet will suffer a lot less dog anxiety and you won’t be worried sick about how they are doing.

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