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"Dog food recalls"

The dog foods recalled seem to be occurring just about every day. The years of 2006 – 2007 were horrible for pets and pet owners alike. I was very fortunate because of Hannas allergies. I had to change her diet and the brand of food we used.

I had to remove all of the wheat gluten and food coloring from her diet. It turns out the food I was buying was one of the foods that were being recalled. I never thought I would be glad Hanna had allergies but I sure am, because that saved the lives of both my girls.

Homemade dog food recipes

Well this year again I find there are recalls on pet foods. I am very concerned about these constant recalls just as everyone is. It seems they are for a wider range of brands from the cheap or least expensive foods to the top gourmet brands.

Make your own dog food

As the recalls seem to be adding up, many may be thinking of making their own pet food. This is not a bad idea but before you pull out the pots and pans, measuring cups and spoons please read the list below. These are foods that could be deadly to your pet so please do not include these items in cooking for your pets.

Dog food recipies ingrediants

10 Foods to avoid in preparing

1 – Dark chocolate or baking chocolate – Can cause seizures or even death.

2 – Onions – Kill red blood cells and causes anemia

3 – Apple seeds – Poisonous, deadly

4 – Bell peppers – Dogs metabolize these differently than humans and can be deadly

5 – Grapes – Cause kidney failure

6 – Raisins – Cause kidney failure

7 – Macadamia Nuts or Walnuts – Causes muscle tremor or paralysis

8 – Avocados – Causes fluid accumulation in chest, abdomen and heart. Can cause difficulty in breathing.

9 – Poultry bones – They splinter and can damage internal organs.

10 – Caffeine products – Can cause same symptoms as chocolate.

The 130 recipes you find here will give you a wide variety of ideas to choose from. You will find meals, snacks and cookie recipes.

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