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Some dog illnesses symptoms you should watch for in case of an emergency. Because our dogs can’t speak we must pay attention to any changes in their body or disposition. Body movements can show you that the dog is feeling fine or that there is a problem. Disposition changes can indicate pain and disease.

This past year I have noticed that my Hanna is slowing down on the cold damp days. When it is rainy and chilly she no longer runs down the steps for her potty breaks. She will take each step slowly and cautiously. When she gets to the bottom step that is just a bit higher than the others, she used to hit that at full speed and just bounce off it. Now she gets to the bottom step and almost repositions herself and than steps down with ease.

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On sunny warm days she is back to her old self and hits it at full speed ready to check out the back yard for any bird or squirrel invaders. I told my husband it might be time to put in a small ramp out back. On the warm days you wouldn’t even know there was any problem, but Hanna is now beginning to develop arthritis in her back. Our being aware of this will make it better for her as we will make sure she doesn’t get cold and will prepare for her problems with the steps.

There are many dog illnesses symptoms you should be aware of that could be deadly if not caught in time. We need to pay attention to our pets’ health by being aware of their body language. They can’t tell you they are feeling bad but if you are noticing anything out of the ordinary don’t ignore it.

Dog illnesses symptoms to watch for

1 - Limping: Could indicate, a bruise, strain, broken bone.

2 - Lethargy: Any number of things can cause this. If your dog is usually a happy bouncy guy and all of a sudden gets lethargic. This could be any thing from cancer to diabetes.

3 - Blood In Stool and/or Urine: This could be a disease or injury, do not wait.

4 - Difficulty In Breathing: From stress to heart failure, again you do not want to wait. Your dog needs medical attention.

5 - Vomiting and/or Diarrhea:  This is one of the signs that you are not going to miss.

6 - Skin problems: Allergies anything from pollen to his food. Skin can be itchy, scaly, flaky and oily. Smell horrible. Could even be mange. If allowed to go on he can develop a very bad skin infection and he is miserable. Needs medical attention to clear it up.

7 - Coughing: Could be kennel cough, which can be treated to an obstruction to a tumor.

8 - Panting: Could be minor stress or heat stroke to a number of serious conditions. If you can’t get him settled down you will want to get medical attention for this.

9 - Ears Smelling Bad: Scratching and digging at the ears and they have a bad smell is usually an ear infection. Look for drainage also. In any case he will need medication to clear up the problem.

10 - Any sudden drastic change in your dog should be noticed. If he yelps when you pick him up you know he is hurting. If he suddenly refused to eat, there is a problem.

By no means is this a complete list of things to watch for. These are just some problems that you may notice. Naturally you cannot avoid all idleness but it is important that you keep a watchful eye for all dog illnesses symptoms and then you can catch them before it is too late.


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