How to train a puppy

"Puppy training tips"

Are you interested in how to train a puppy? Training your puppy is not a task to be taken lightly. It will take a fair degree of patience and determination to get noticeable results. Puppies learn on a very simple system of reward and correction.

Puppy obedience training

Rewards can be a great many things that bring the puppy pleasure and correction is anything that causes the puppy mild displeasure. If you watch a mother dog with her pups you rarely see her correct with pain, it is generally a quick show of displeasure and a mild nip.

Dog training hand signals

A very effective way of training your puppy is to use hand signals as well asverbal commands. When these are used together consistently the puppy will learn to respond to them both individually. This is especially helpful if your dog has ran away from you or if there is a lot of noise and excitement going on to drown out your voice.

You can choose what hand signals you want to use for eachcommand. There are some that are routinely used for each command.  An example is the hand signal most popularly used for stay: fingers pointed up, palm out towards your dog.

Leash training puppy

Now that we have an idea of what tools to use when learning how to train a puppy,let’s try a simple command. You want your puppy calm before you begin his lesson. You can sit near the puppy but deny any attention until the puppy is calm. This reinforces to the puppy that it has to be calm to receive attention.

One of the first commands most puppies learn is “sit”. When your puppy is calmand appears to be waiting for your action, tell your puppy to sit while pressing firmly on the dogs backside and pushing gently back on his chest. Some trainers recommend scooping the back legs out to force sitting.

Choose whichever method is best for your and your puppy. When puppy sits offer a reward. After a few tries your puppy should be able to perform the command without cues.

There are plenty of books on how to train a puppy; however, you can train all commands with this method. Your puppy wants to please you. Most dogs instinctively want to perform and enjoy the training process even after commands are mastered. Find what works best for you and your puppy and enjoy the process and success as much as he does!

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