Hannas pet qwerks

"Dog Aniety"

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This is about pet qwerks and my Hanna. Hanna being the Yorkie she is thinks she is big and tough. Usually she gets along well with cats and dogs but every once in a while a huge dog will come along and she tries to get bossy. For some reason this is only with the very large breeds. Must be a complex she has.

She will growl and try to charge them. Of course we don’t allow this because it isn’t proper behavior and because she would be eaten alive. She is usually not the size of their heads.

pet-qwerks 2

Canie Anxiety

But she does have some dog anxiety when it comes to flies. Yes that is right, I am talking about the common housefly. She has no fear of those mammoth animals but she is terrified of a fly. Yes that’s right the common housefly terrifies her.

What a time we have when a fly ever gets in the house. When it does happen I will know a fly is in the house before I ever see it. Even if the fly is in another room. Hanna will let me know our house has been invaded and it is far too big of a threat for her to handle. She trembles and crouches as if she was beaten.

The brave mammoth eater will all of a sudden be behind me where ever I go. If I am in the kitchen sitting at the table she will be under my chair, wherever I walk she is inches from my feet.

When she becomes my shadow and the canine anxiety radar starts up. I know I need to get the fly swatter and go on the hunt. Once I get this home invader and tell Hanna its “all gone” yes I have to say that. She than returns to her happy confident self again.

pet-qwerks 3

Aniety in Dogs

She has had these pet qwerks like this for many years and I cannot say why. My guess is a horse fly or something must have bitten her at one time. But that is the one time we will see anxiety in our Hanna.

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