Dog stroke symptoms

"Heat stroke in dogs"

Canine stroke? What is it and can it really happen? Yes heat can be one of the deadliest elements for your dog and its dangers are so easily preventable. If your dog has been overcome by heat and is not treated quickly enough this will result in death.

I don’t believe people understand how fast heat stoke can kill a precious pet. In the south summers are hot and humid but anyplace in the summer months can be dangerous. Especially in a car parked in the sun, the temperature can quickly jump 40 degrees in just minutes. Animals left outside must have shade and plenty of clean water or heat stroke is inevitable.

Of course anyone who visits this site would never knowingly expose his or her pets to this horrible condition. But it is best to be aware of the signs and symptoms so you could take immediate actions if necessary.

Taking your pet for a run on a hot day, an outing at the flea market or any activity where your pet is exposed to high temperatures can be dangerous. We humans sweat and this causes evaporation, which in turn cools our skin. A dog has only one way to cool and that is with rapid breathing to exchange warm air for cool. So where the air temperature is close to the body temperature there is no relief for the dog and his body temperature will rise.

Canine stroke symptoms

Rapid, frantic breathing

Tongue and mucus membranes are bright red

Saliva is thick

Rectal temperature is high (normal is 100 – 102)

When c onditions worsen:

Dog frequently vomits

Dog becomes unsteady and staggers, weakness

Has diarrhea that may be bloody

Coma and death will follow


Moderate heatstroke (temperature from 104 – 106): The dog can recover within an hour if given prompt first aid and veterinary care.

Severe heatstroke (temperature over 106): Do not waste time, put dog in air conditioning and get immediate veterinary assistance. This can be deadly.

Began cooling down the dog at once. Mild cases can be corrected by moving the pet to a cooler place. If the dog seems unsteady, get the dog to the vet. If that is not possible, immerse the dog in a tub of cold water or hose it down and get to the vet ASAP.

Dog stroke prevention::

1 – Do not leave your pet in a vehicle on warm days. Even if parked in the shade.

2 – Do not confine your dog outside with no shade available.

3 – Do not muzzle your dog while under a dryer.

4 – Restrict exercise during the heat of the day.

5 – Crate only in an open wire crate so air can circulate.

6 – Always provide shade and plenty of fresh water.

Dogs with a short snout like a Shih Tzu, Pekingese, Boxers or Pugs are at a greater risk.

Heat exposure is a serious problem that can accelerate very quickly. I hope you find this information helpful in understanding what to watch for. Our pets can be fine one minute and literally be at deaths door 15 minutes later suffering from the heat.

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