4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Flea Free

by Eliza Lyttle

Using some natural flea killers

According to The Humane Society in the USA, more than 1600 pets have died because of the mistaken flea treatments given by their owners. Be sure that you’re not one of these unfortunate owners who end up killing their pooch in while trying to get rid of their fleas!

Flea collars and ointments that are used to eliminate fleas contain carcinogenic ingredients, sometimes resulting in severe consequences, like death of pets. Instead, you can use some safe at-home treatments that can help prevent fleas while not putting the health of your canine friend at risk:

Flea treatment for dogs

1. Use Essential Oils – Essential oils, like lavender, lemongrass, peppermint and others help prevent fleas. You also need a carrier oil to use the essential oils. To make your own flea-prevention solution, mix approximately 10-12 drops of 100% essential oil with a teaspoon of any carrier oil of your choice. Apply this solution at the tail’s base or at the top of the neck. Remember that essential oils should always be diluted before you use them on your dog. You may try to get essential oils specifically made for dogs at any of the cheap dog supplies store.

2. Give Your Dog A Rosemary Bath – A rosemary bath keeps fleas away! To give your dog a rosemary bath, boil 2 cups of water and put rosemary in it. Add this concoction to one gallon of warm water and rinse your dog with it. Don’t use any towel to dry him.

3. Sprinkle Diatomaeous Earth – This is actually ground algae but is known to kill parasites. Purchase only a food grade quality that is safe for the dog. Sprinkle diatomaceous earth on the dog’s
coat. It eliminates all parasites. In fact, you can also sprinkle this product on your carpet but be sure to vacuum it after a day.

4. Give Your Dog a Garlic Diet – Garlic, when given in high doses, is unsafe for your dog. So just add a small pinch to its food and you will find the fleas vanishing. When the dog eats garlic food, its skin radiates garlic smell that fleas dislike and therefore, stay away.
5. Make a Homemade Flea Spray – This spray is helpful in keeping fleas away. It won’t kill the existing fleas. Therefore, you have to start using it before flea-season begins.

To make this spray, you need:

Lavender Oil – 50 drops
Water – 3 cups
Lemons – 6

Without removing the skin, cut lemons into thin slices and boil it with water. Remove from fire and let it steep overnight. The next morning, strain the water and add lavender oil to it. Spray this solution on your dog’s coat after his bath or when he goes out. Fleas love the area that is covered by the dog’s collar as the temperature in that area is warm. So soak the collar in the solution before you use it.

Apart from this, consult your veterinarian to keep your dog healthy. Also, don’t give your dog a bath everyday in your effort to keep it flea free. It can dry his skin. Keep his surroundings clean and spray with the above-mentioned solution. You will have a happy spring free of fleas this year.

Eliza Lyttle is a pet lover and is the owner of two Labradors. In her free time, Lyttle loves making variety of movie wigs that go perfectly well with her array of dresses.

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