Flea Bites On Humans

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Flea bites on humans, over a period in time could lead to some health conditions.

The menacing presence of fleas in the home can be a miserable experience for everyone, pets and human alike.

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Tiny though these insects are, the seriousness of being exposed to sometimes harmful and always annoying bites can often be hard to eliminate.

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You can get a professional flea exterminator or do it yourself, either way, it is a lot of work.

Fleas are tiny little flat-shaped insects that do not have wings but can and do jump.

Movement or vibrations is what gets them on the move. These feed on any blood, human or any animals.

Picture of a flea

The jaws of the fleas are sharp enough to pierce through the skin and suck out blood from the body. The smooth flow of the blood being sucked by fleas is ensured due to the anti-coagulating property of the saliva found in fleas.

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Pictures of flea bites

Usually symptoms associated with flea bites on humans appear within a few minutes of the act of biting. The biting can take place repeatedly on different parts of the body.

But on humans you generally find the bites on the legs. Simply because they are nearer the floor. Usually lower extremities of the human body are more prone to flea bites but the dogs or pets get bit everywhere most often the stomach area.

If the fleas are not eliminated than the problem will just get worse. Although a flea bite symptom (itchy) remains only for a few hours, the repeated bites will go on until the fleas are eliminated totally.

If the bites are scratched enough they could become infected. The constant attack of repetitive biting can be miserable to live with. Since the general tendency to any type of skin irritation or itching is to scratch the skin, the problem worsens further especially in children.

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Best flea treatment for bites

For treating the bitten areas on the body, one will have to cleanse the affected areas of the skin with cold water and a mild antiseptic. Avoid the use of hot water as this will only help in proliferation of fleas.

Application of ice packs and calamine lotion over the flea bitten areas help in soothing the skin irritations and reducing the itchiness. If symptoms are more serious, then over-the-counter hydro-cortisone cream may be required or even a visit to the doctor might be needed depending on the condition.

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Flea allergy dermatitis

accompanied with constant itching. Skin rashes appear with many of the small pimple-like reddish bumps turning larger in size that might develop into itchy blisters. There can also be an allergy to the flea bite also called “Flea allergy dermatitis” often seen in dogs.

Fleas are found to thrive higher during hot climatic conditions such as summer,spring, and fall. But really they are not seasonal but are in the yard or the house year around.

Carpets, upholstery, and the fur of pet animals are the main sources where fleas take shelter within a household. They do not stay on the animal long but make their home in your carpets and upholstery. They are more the bite and run type.

When you see flea bites on humans, you must administered complete eradication of the fleas. Once the presence of fleas gets noticed and symptoms appear, treatment of your home is necessary. And unfortunately this is not a one step process. Sanitizing the place is vital.

Regular vacuuming and dusting off surfaces and corners of the home are very important. Don't put the vacuum away without throwing the bag out. The fleas will just hatch in the bag to begin the cycle again.

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Flea removal and dog flea treatment

There are different opinions on how to get rid of fleas, one from chemicals the other is natural flea killer using organic products. Which ever way you decide it must be done once to get the adult flea and again to get the eggs. Constant vacuuming and throwing out the vacuum bag, so the eggs can't hatch in there.

The yard must be treated and the pets who share your home. It is a long process but it can be completed. But it is far easier to keep your pet flea free than to have to de-flea your home. Keep your dog on a monthly treatment for fleas and you will prevent an infestation from beginning.

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