Canine Skin Cancer

"Canine tumors or warts"

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Canine skin cancer is hard to think about. It is even harder to hear the vet say it out loud about your pet. My furbaby is only eight years old and she sure doesn’t act sick. At least most of the time she doesn’t anyways.

Dog skin cancer

Let me tell you about our discovery of Melanoma and maybe it will help you. Last summer on our way back from a vacation I noticed a black spot near Hannas mouth. At first I thought it was a tick and I had my husband pull into a rest area so we could remove it.

After a closer look I realized it wasn’t a tick but instead it was a small wart type growth. It was tiny so I wasn’t at all concerned at that time.

Hanna didn’t act any different and I didn’t pay it any more attention. You really couldn’t see it unless you knew it was there and moved her hair aside and looked closely for it.

Than a couple of months later Hanna got sick with diarrhea and throwing up. I tried the home remedies at first but they didn’t work. So the next day I took her to the veterinarian for some help.

Skin cancer in dogs

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Symptoms of cancer in dogs

While there I asked the doctor to look at the black wart thing on her face. I noticed it had doubled in size in the last couple of months. The veterinarian said she couldn’t say for sure but it should be removed and sent off, to Auburn to have it checked out. Naturally that is what we did as soon as she was over this bug she had. We just received the results.

It is Melanoma, a tumor with cancerous cells. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I have been doing some research on canine skin cancer and most of it is very hard to understand. So I am putting up graphics and my story so the average person can see what to look for and not waste time getting it checked out by a vet.

Melanoma is very aggressive in dogs. It usually begins in or around the mouth or toes. Most begin as a solitary, black-pigmented tumor. They may be benign or malignant. The malignant melanoma is one of the hardest tumors to control. Ideal treatment to date is surgery

dog skin cancer

Treatment for skin cancer

The doctor said she removed this entire tumor. But we must be vigilant in checking Hanna often, especially in the mouth for any new ones.

So please be aware of these growths and if you see any of these appear on your furbaby, don’t hesitate to take him or her to the vet.

Hanna is cancer free right now but we never know when something may re appear.

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