11 Dangerous Dog Breeds

"Dogs most likely to attack"

People with little or no knowledge of dangerous dog breeds adopt them and then are shocked that their dog attacked someone or another pet. Why does this happen? 99 % of the time it is because of the way this dog was raised.

An attack can stir up the entire neighborhood and bring law suits.

Owning any one of these dangerous dog breeds and have an impact on your home insurance because of your liability for dog bites.

dangerous dog breeds

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A dog may be considered as man's best friend but that does not imply that a dog will be naturally nice and there can always be dangers of dog bites or worse. A dog's ancestor is the wolf, and like its ancestor, every dog is agile, strong, swift, cunning and an attacker. It has strong jaws, sharp teeth and claws and powerful muscles.

Pitbull is number one of dangerous dog breeds

From WHNT News Channel 19 in Huntsville AL: LINCOLN COUNTY, TN — A two-year-old boy is recovering at Huntsville Hospital after being mauled by a pit bull. The victim, is in good condition. He has hundreds of stitches in his head. The dog belonged to the family. It had been a part of their lives for five years.

This story happens all to often when people are not aware of a dogs potential. And children are the ones that suffer from these attacks most often. If you own one of these breeds you must learn how to control them.

You are the pack leader and there is no better teacher than Cesar Millan. He owns every breed and knows how to control them. So if you are interested in one of the breeds below you may also want to check out his

A dog can be domesticated and can make a great pet. Though this is not to say that having a dog as a pet is bad, it is important that every dog lover knows about dangerous dog breeds and to raise them properly.

There are many aggressive dog breeds, but any breed can be aggressive if not raised correctly. Do your research about raising a dog before adopting. A great deal of this will be determined by how the dog is raised.

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Here is a list of dogs most likely to attack:

These are considered the most dangerous dog breeds

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Pit Bull dog breed: This terrier is medium-sized, built on very solid lines, and sporting very short hair, the Pit Bull Terrier is an energetic dog that must get its daily dose of activity. Traditionally bred for bull baiting and dog fighting, the Pit Bull is a solid dog that has developed an unfavorable reputation.

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Dalmatian dog breed: Dalmatians are high-energy, outdoor dogs with lots of stamina and endurance. Running and playing are activities that top their agenda. They have been used as hunters, fighters, carriage-pullers and shepherds in the past. They can become aggressive if they are cooped up.

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Presa Canario dog breed: Trained to participate in hunting and in wars, Presa Canarios are often termed as "gladiator" dogs. Their breed includes the English Mastiff and the Bulldog. Presa Canarios are loyal to their owners and suspicious of strangers, and are used now as guard dogs and cattle drivers.

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Boxer dog breed: Stocky in appearance and large in size, the Boxer has a super strong jaw and a bite that just does not easily let go of its prey. Boxers are honest, playful, brave and determined dogs that are loyal and faithful to their family and highly suspicious of strangers. They are used to guard or guide or as police dogs.

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Saint Bernard dog breed: Saint Bernards are Swiss working dogs that were originally bred for rescuing mountain climbers. Saint Bernards are very large dogs and weigh between 140 and 264lb. Saint Bernard pets must be familiarized with people and other neighbourhood dogs to prevent territoriality. Because of their large size, they "get in the way" and have caused injuries to people accidentally.

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Great Dane dog breed: Also known as the German Mastiff, the Great Dane is one of the tallest dog breeds in the world. It is a friendly dog that is avoided by people because of its giant appearance. There are cases that have documented Great Danes attacking their handlers, but that was when the handler was an unfamiliar person. They were once used in dog fights and for fighting with other mammals.

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Chow Chow dog breed: Chow Chows are Chinese-origin dogs that were bred for hunting and helping shepherds. They are selfish dogs that need constant physical activity. They also like to keep to themselves.

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Doberman Pinscher dog breed: Bred as protectors and defenders, Dobermans prefer to be with physically active owners, and take time to adapt to new masters. Their owners must not engage them in aggressive play. Scientific studies have ranked Dobermans high on aggression and trainability and low on reactivity. They are regarded as a ferocious breed.

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Alaskan Malamute dog breed: The Alaskan malamute is friendly, energetic and very temperamental. It needs to be constantly on the move. Bred as a “transporter” it is best to own this dog in cold climates and in houses that have large open spaces.

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Husky dog breed: Bred as transporters and sled pullers, Huskies are very active and they love other Huskies. Beginner dog owners are urged not to start with a Husky because training the dog is very complicated. As the Husky needs a lot of physical activity, passive dog lovers are urged not to have them as pets.

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Rottweiler dog breed: Rottweilers are very powerful and courageous protector dogs with strong jaws. They dislike strangers and other dogs. They were known as “butchers'” dogs because they were once used to cart meat around. Rustic in appearance, Rottweilers are obedient and loyal to their masters.

Some states have laws prohibiting illegal dogs

Before you adopt a dog, take into account your habits, the dog's disposition, dogs in the neighborhood and other dog-cultural factors. And check the state law as you may find some breeds are considered illegal dogs. If you already own one of these breeds and are having problems you may want to check out the renowned Dog behavior issues? Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan can help!

Remember the size of the biggest dog breeds do not make it one of the most dangerous dog breeds. Nor does the above breeds mean everyone of them will be dangerous. These can be loving, friendly family pets as much as a kitten. We are just stating this are the most likely so please do your research and only get a pet from a reputable breeder.

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