I Love my Dobie (Doberman Pincher)

by Gillian

Doberman Pinchers are loveable too

Doberman Pinchers are loveable too

I just wanted to share with you how glad I am that I choose to have a Doberman. A dog I once feared, due to the movies. Then quite a few years ago my neighbors friend came round and he had a Doberman, well this dog was well behaved and loving.

It stood tall and proud and was absolutely stunning. It showed none of us any aggression what so ever. I remember then thinking I want one. I did do a lot of research first though before I got him, so of what I read was true but not all of it.

It took me quite a few years before I got one. Now I have my dog soul mate. What a joy he is. He is now 4 and a half. He was a bit of a wild puppy, so much energy.

I thought will he ever calm down, well yes he did. He must be the most laid back dog you could meet. They say Dobermans are Velcro dogs, yes they are.

My boy loves his cuddles, is never left your side. Yes they are great guard dogs, but aren't all dogs good at that! Gosh my neighbor has a wee Shih Tzu and all it does is bark, bark, bark.

He really is a role model for Dobermans. The thing about Dobermans to is there genetics and by that I mean, what other dogs have been used to create them, so for example, you have the Black Greyhound, Weinheimer, Rottweiler, German Pointer, Beauceron etc.

Now most of them are hunt dogs and I didn't realize this until I got Blade, how much hunt instinct is in them. They are known as ferocious guard dogs, but not many people think about the tracking, hunting
side of the dog.

It is funny my boy gets on well with other dogs, never shows any aggression whatsoever, usually it is the other way. he has two female dogs whom he loves and funnily enough they are a Weinheimer and Rottweiler, and they two have stunning natures to.

At the end of the day it is all down to the owners how the pup turns out. I love this breed, will have more in the future.

I also think what is being done to Doberman's ears has a lot to do with how they are viewed and this is down to the owner and not the dog... Their ears are quite different from what you see all over the internet and movies and they have long slender tails.

So all in all they are brilliant dogs oh and before I forget they seriously read your mind...I am convinced he knows, this often makes me laugh and they are very sensitive too..ahhh they are just big softies...



Hi Gillian,

It is wonderful to know that this magnificent breed is as loveable and cuddly as a teddy bear.

Yes there are specific breeds that have a bad reputation because of TV and owners that do not raise them as loving pets. But the same can be said for a poorly raised Chihuahua, they can be mean and nasty if allowed. But because of their size we don't fear them as we do the larger breeds.

I do appreciate this information and the pictures and wish owners of other large breeds with a bad rap would also let us know how great their pet is.

We are here to love our dogs no matter their size they are all our furbabies.

Thanks again for commenting,


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