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A dog breathing problem should always be a cause for concern until you are sure it is not a serious issue. Here we will provide some information on variousbreathing problems that may be affecting your dog.

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The breeds with a pushed in or flat face,(*Brachycephalic* breeds are the types of dogs with "snub noses" such as the Pug, Pekingese, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Shih-Tzu, are much more susceptible to these breathing problems. Special attentionshould be paid to their breathing patterns so you will be aware of any changes in them.

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This is a list of the dog breathing problem that can be present in your dog:

Panting – Panting is a normal function in dogs. This is due to the fact that dogs do not have an external cooling system like humans. A dog’s primary cooling system is through its respiratory system.

However there are times when panting can indicate another problem. If the panting is vary rapid and shallow this can indicate respiratory disorders, cardiovascular disorders,hematologic disorders, and neurologic disorders. If you see any of the below list in addition to the panting, a vet visit is extremely important.

Associated coughing

Difficulty breathing

Cyanosis (blue tint tomucus membranes, lips, gums, etc.)


Weight loss

Poor appetite

Excessive drinking (leads to excessive urinating)



Gasping or Coughing – Gasping or coughing can mean a very dangerous dog breathing problem. This could indicate your dog has inhaled a foreign object that is blocking his airway, which you should *never *attempt to remove at home.

Coughing is typically seen after a visit to the vet or groomers or even after boarding your pet. This is generally caused by an illness called kennel cough, which is exactly what it is; an illness contracted from exposure to other dogs that have it. There is an immunization you can get from the vet that is placed into the nasal cavity to be inhaled by your pet. Thisonly causes temporary discomfort.

Sneezing - Sneezing is generally caused by the same thing that causes it in humans. An allergen or irritant has been inhaled into the airway.

Reverse Sneezing – Also known as "mechanosensitive aspiration reflex", can be pretty scary the first time you hear it. This action almost sounds like a goose honking, and there is a heaving of the chest typically when this happens. This condition is completely harmless and typically affects only flatfaced and small breed dogs.

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