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Dog food allergies have no seasonal incidence, as long as the dog is eating the problem food, he will have allergic reactions to it. Scratching excessively, chewing his paws and even dragging his butt are all signs of an allergic reaction. Dog food allergies are the third most common cause of itching and scratching in dogs.

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Canine food allergies

Allergies are a common problem with many dogs. I have two small dogs myself. My older dog is a 9 lb Yorkshire Terrier and she is the one that suffered from food allergies for many years. I have read that most allergies don't began until about age 3.

My Hanna has many different allergies and I know how difficult and frustrating it can be for both the owner and the dog. Hanna has many allergies and food is just one of them, but one I can control. She was so stinky you could smell her when you walked in the room. Her skin was red and lots of bumps, fur was always oily and minutes after a bath she would stink again. She was constantly digging, chewing and scratching.

Before discovering the cause of her misery she suffered terribly. She would rub her face, scratch her ears and belly and chew or lick her paws.

Her skin would become inflamed and she would drag her butt. This was all because she was being driven crazy with the itching.

If you let the dog food allergies go on and don't try to find the problem the dog could rip his skin and cause abrasions from digging so much.

canine food allergies

Dog food allergies skin

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Canine allergies

Food allergies are very difficult to diagnose. An allergy can develop to meat, milk, eggs, fish, beef, pork grains and dietary additives. So many ingredients and they must be eliminated and than added one at a time.

The best way to treat this problem is to place the dog on a

hypoallergenic diet, the less ingredients the better. Within a week you should see an improvement. If it is a food allergy your dog will be enjoying some relief. But it may take several weeks depending on how bad the allergy is to show signs of improvement. It is best to test for at least 10 weeks before deciding if it is working or not.

It took this long for Hanna to clear up.

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(This is Hanna scratching her back on the chair as usual).

She suffered constantly from scratching, her skin would be so inflamed and she would be miserable with the allergies. Also she would develop dry scaly patches all over her body. Her fur would be oily and she would smell horrible of a musty nasty odor. Even the house would smell of her and I had no idea it was dog food allergies causing her all the misery.

I would bath her and a few hours later she would start developing that odor again. This was just everyday life for Hanna she suffered continually with these miserable allergies.

The vet would prescribe special shampoo, steroid shots, the pills, ect ect. Which would help, temporarily. But nothing lasted more than a week that is until now.

Have you noticed everything I mentioned above is in the past tense? Yes, Hanna now has healthy skin and a soft silky coat like a Yorkie should.

(Here she is, with a smile and no scratching. Ok, so you can't see the smile.) We are even letting her coat grow out some.

I never thought I would see Hanna looking and smelling so good. She is even acting younger and more playful. I figure that is because she must feel so much better.

My dogs are my furbabies and I just had to keep searching until I found her some help.

I changed her to food that has no artificial food coloring. I also put Tiffany on this diet. She didn't have allergies. But let me tell you her coat is looking beautiful, thick, soft and silky. I am also letting her coat grow out. With no more dog food allergies she is happy and content.

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Dog food allergies

The only can food I found so far with NO food coloring is Ol Roby (the red can) from Wal Mart. The red can, chicken flavor or beef flavor. Not all Ol Roy is free of food coloring so you need to read the ingredients. I also have them on some dry food and again no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The only one I found here is Maximum again in Wal Mart. Neither food is expensive; this is one case of "paying more is not better".

It can take up to 90 days to completely get their system functioning right. Hanna started showing some improvement in a couple of weeks. When I gave her a bath she would stay smelling good for longer periods in between each week that went by. Scratching kept getting less and less.

We are into the 7th week now and her skin looks great, fur is soft and silky and she has started playing again. I didn't notice that she was so unhappy until I noticed the difference in her now. She has stared playing with toys and this is something I have not seen for years.

We are enjoying petting her and not having a nasty smelly hand when we are done. Our furniture and carpet does not smell bad. She gets lots of hugs from everyone and she runs and plays like a puppy.

She still has seasonal allergies which we will cover here.

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