Mom adopt puppy for me

by Cingi



When I was at the age of five or six, my mom adopt puppy named Chinthu for me. I was a single child and since both my parents were working, I had only one companion at home in my leisure times, that was Chinthu. So I loved him so much that we were together when I play, when I bath, when I eat and when I sleep.

My family lived in a house just near the high way. One day when I was with my mother indoors, we heard a moan outside. We ran out to see our Chinthu on the floor. Our neighbor was running in to tell us that it was a hit and run case.

We were stunned for a moment. Then we examined Chinthu carefully. He was unconscious. No serious injuries were visible instead of a small wound just above his left eyebrow. We called him by name. But he didn’t open his eyes. I started crying for my sick puppy. My mother told me, “Don’t cry, don’t be sad, we will get him to a doctor”.

A doctor nearby examined Chinthu carefully and told, “This puppy had got a nervous complaint that is not likely to be cured”. But we were not willing to lose him. We brought him home, put him on his carpet bed, wrapped him with a blanket and I remember, during that whole night I was crying, taking him in my lap and soothing his forehead with my fingers.

The next morning, to our great surprise and relief, he opened his eyes. But he could not lift his head. My mother took some hot milk in a feeding bottle and put the nipple in his mouth. After a moment he started sucking. We relieved a lot. Then day after day his condition was getting better.

I was always near to him, trying to get him stand on his own feet. After a long one month, he made it up, to stand on his own feet; even if not so stable. After three months, he had become almost alright. He lived with me and my family for eight years. When he died at last, me with my mother and my girl friend was near to him. Still his pictures are there in my show case, just among the other members of my family.

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