My loving pet and dog treatments

by Shylaja
(Coimbatore,Tamil nadu,India)

I would like to share my view about my dog which I have kept at home in my child hood.I named my pet as Johnny. I really loved it a lot.

First when my parents get me that,I was little much sacred to take it and to hold in my hands. Then soon after, I used to get practice to take it,Then it will always be in my hand.

I would always give a good food and take extra care in each and everything. I have taken my Johnny to Pet Hospital regularly for checking up his health and to take regular vaccinations every month in awhile. Give the food to my pet, according to my doctors advice.

I make my pet to mingle with all my near by surroundings. So it wont attack or it wont bite any one on any time. If it was any new persons who is coming inside,then Johnny will make a sound that too not hardly, very mildly.

So the person who are coming need not to worry about it like who ever came to my home, they will just mingle with my pet soonly.

Always take my Johnny in the morning for a walk for about half-an-hour. After walking, will relax for few minutes and then my maid will take my Jhonny to bath and after bathing, I would always prepare food by myself for my pet as than my parents I use to get the full knowledge about it. Like whatever It likes more, I used to give almost.

If it hates, then I won't make my pet to have it. So this is place, where we can understood their part, whether it likes or not. I was very freely with my pet as it lived with me like a family member. I feel great to give me an opportunity to share my views.

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