Pekingese Puppies Will Give Warm Homecoming

by Marissa
(Atlanta, GA)

Mix Poodle Pekingese Puppies

Mix Poodle Pekingese Puppies


I had been away for 6 months at a study abroad program. When I walked in the door of my house our family dog, a three-year-old Peek-A-Poo named Merlin, looked as if I had returned from the dead. He instantly started wagging his tail so vigorously he was shaking all over.

He was cautious of me at first, as if he didn’t believe that his long lost human had finally returned. That quickly wore off and for the next few weeks Merlin followed me everywhere I went in the house, like if he lost sight of me again I might be gone for good. I was happy to be back with my beloved pet, but I also felt very guilty about the length of time I was a way. My family said that anytime someone would say my name in conversation Merlin would look longingly towards my bedroom.

I should explain that while Merlin is a family pet he has selected me as his human. I’ve heard that the breed does this often, picking one person to bond with. I can’t imagine loosing someone that I felt that bond with and not understanding or knowing if they would be back. Luckily, dogs don’t think or remember like humans.

After a couple of weeks Merlin was back to himself, although he still acts weird if I get out the suitcase. Do you have any experiences from leaving a pet (in good hands) for an extended period of time? What was your homecoming like?



Hello Marissa,

I understand what you are talking about. I once had a loyal Shih Tzu that I had to leave with my sister when we went out of town for a month.

When I came back she acted just the opposite of Merlin. She refused to even look at me and than misbehaved for a few days to get her point across. Once she got pass her “mad” she was the same loving gal I knew.

I never left her again.

Thanks for your story, Merlin sounds marvelous.


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