Pets poisoned

by Nadia

From: Nadia Sikder. 211/2 Ulan, Rd. Rampura Dhaka- 1219. Bangladesh.

Subject: Animal Brutality.
Contact:01191352473, 01720194213. (bugged)

Zavier Junior, 3months old pup was put to death by a crime committing syndicate known for their malice. It has been the 6th time they have allegedly poisoned my dogs in a row.

Police arrived to the crime site taking preparation for an on-line GD that we composed (GD Num:1019. dtd:22/5/2010.) Commencing for an autopsy in the Animal Hospital transferring to ICDDR,B (police’s own words). Within 4 days report would be affirmed....

It was aired on T.V (Channel i) at 10:30pm.- A family of 3, making several GDs to the P.S was utterly useless for the Matabars in these hi-tech days has kept them in isolation from the society as an outcast trying to banish them from their own home ever since its contained by the clench of land grabbers, has done it again, besides poisoning their puppy.

I am desperately awaiting for the doctors certificate but who am I to believe, whereas the viscera was never sent to ICDDR,B for analysis and the report was found to be distorted.

Red Alert: This syndicate is insulated by Lt. Col. Rashidul Alom posted to RAB1 Uttara as Dir. Resolving all their crimes.

I on behalf of Muttly, Amigo senior, Zavier Senior, and Zavier Junior, Sue he, and Amigo Junior(canines) with Tiny, Bravery and Georgie (felines). one that has a pure heart can seize the moment known as man’s best friend beseech your organizations assistance to come forward and prove there is animal rights prevailing in such a territory were human rights are violated that truth and justice are just not to be dreamed of.

Their death has shaken me uncontrollably to an irrecoverable loss.
this write-up is in the capacity of a freelance human rights, animal rights, environmental activist.

PS: Georgie died today at 7:00pm having sustained boiling hot marr (rice water) followed apparently by rat- poisoning. in this state of mind of am incapable of writing any further but I hope you have the heart to share my pain of in-defensibility.

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