Puppy horoscopes

"Puppy Birthday"

Puppy horoscopes are becoming a growing interest for many people. We all have fun reading the slips of paper in a fortune cookie or the place mat with our birth sign on it at the Chinese restaurant. While here we have something for the dogs in our lives.

These animal horoscopes and astrology for dogs are interesting when you take into consideration how animals are so much more in tune to nature than we are. People are using astrology for choosing their puppy or trying to figure out when their puppy was born.

When the date of their birth is known they are hoping that the birth date month will give an idea as to what the puppy’s personality will be as an adult.

While others that have adopted a puppy and have no idea what month they were born in they are searching for personality traits that will give them this information.

Here for your convenience is a list of the puppy horoscopes. This may help some people in their puppy adoptions. There are many ways to select a puppy and this is not rocket science and is not a guarantee that your puppy will be as described below. But it is fun to read them and some people have great faith in this.

Using puppy horoscopes for puppy adoptions


December 22 - January 21 ~ patient, intelligent, stable The Capricorn puppy is easy to train and is everybody's friend. Often a great choice for service dogs.


January 21 - February 19 ~ honest, loyal, easy-going The Aquarius puppy is definitely a companion dog. He wants you with him for all the fun


February 20 - March 20 ~ honest, unselfish, trustworthy This puppy is a rascal; he is not dependable but is full of love and fun. He is not bad just always the clown.


March 21 - April 19 ~ creative, strong-willed, ambitious. Aries puppies are first for everything, food, play, outside and attention.


April 20 - May 19 ~ stubborn, loving, sympathetic Taurus puppies are known to be stubborn. Training will be a challenge but once they learn they will remember forever.


May 20 - June 20 ~ balanced, imaginative, supportive The Gemini puppy will steal your heart in a minute. He is charming and energetic and will tend to be a bit spoiled because of their charm.


June 21 - July 22 ~ loyal, conservative, sympathetic The Cancer puppy is extremely loyal and loving. So much so that at times they do not like to be separated from you.


July 23 - August 21 ~ leader, brave, intuitive A Leo puppy loves to investigate, so keep a close eye on him. He may wonder off just looking for adventure and not realize he is away from home until it is too late. He also like to be in charge or head of the pack.


August 22 - September 22 ~ inquisitive, analytical   The Virgo puppy, now this one loves the good life. He likes comfortable furniture and good treats. No ordinary dog life for this one. He loves begin pampered.


September 23 - October 22 ~ caring, understanding, balanced The Libra puppy is gentle, kind and oh so very loving. They see the whole world as a loving environment and will easily step back for anyone.


October 23 - November 21 ~ bold, determined, confident The Scorpio is usually very healthy, happy and full of energy. 


November 22 - December 21 ~ intense, loyal, focused The Sagittarius puppy is always the clowns and comedians of the canine world. They love to play and be the center of attention.

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