Puppy rescue adoption

"Adopt a dog"

Puppy rescue adoption is something to consider when you are thinking of adding a pet to your family. Often the only thing people think of when it comes to rescues is puppies. Yes there are many puppies that need a home, but you may also want to consider an older dog.

puppy rescue adoption

That is the mature dogs or the seniors. These dogs make fine pets and it takes no longer to bond with a grown dog than it does with puppies. Many times they are even more devoted to you because of what they have endured before meeting you.

Puppy mills produce more than just puppies when they are closed down. There is another generation of dogs that come from these puppy mills and are often overlooked or not even considered because of their age.

These dogs usually have had a life we could never even imagine. Kept in cages their entire lives, the female bred every time they went into heat cycle. All so the mill owner could make a few dollars.

Puppy rescue for puppy mills

The conditions are often horrendous. Similar to the camps of WW II, the animals are fed just enough to keep the alive and breeding. The cages are stacked on top of each other to make room for as many as they can hold. Just think of what the bottom dogs have to live with coming down on them.

Grooming is never even considered and there is no interaction with humans other than to breed and remove the puppies. It is a pitiful thing that we humans can do such a thing to innocent animals. >

Before buying a puppy from a breeder or pet shop, please check out the rescues near you. Lets not support these wicked puppy mills.

puppy rescue

A pound puppy rescue story to think about

I heard about this one case of a puppy that was saved only because the employee couldn't follow through with the orders. The owner of the mill had no use for puppies that weren't perfect and perky (at least until the sale).

The employee came across this one puppy that was a bit lethargic and the owner said to "Throw it in the burning barrel" yes that is right "the burning barrel" Thank goodness the employee couldn't do this and hid the puppy until she went home and took the puppy with her. The puppy was saved and nourished back to health and the employee reported the mill and it was closed down.

puppy mill rescue

Adult dog

But often this goes on without any notice. The mill owners usually stay out in the country and don't let the buyers visit the mill. They take the puppies to flea markets or load them up in vans and deliver them to the puppy broker.

These puppies often travel across the United States often as far as from the western states to the east coast to be sold in the pet stores. They are stacked in the vans in the heat and are not even given anything to drink until they arrive. The ones that didn't make it are just considered a write off.

Yes please consider puppy rescue adoption but also think of the older dogs that are rescued. They can love you just as much for providing them a safe, clean and loving home.

Puppy rescue adoption is wonderful but lets not forget the sweet adult dogs that have so much love still to give. A rescue that can help you find your new canine kid is Southern Shih Tzu and Toy Breed Rescue in Anniston Alabama.

Puppy Rescue Adoption to Canine Kids


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