Small Dogs For Sale A Tribute to Jackie

by Ralph P.

Training for proper dog behavior

Training for proper dog behavior

About 20 years ago I came upon a litter of small dogs for sale. I brought a tail-wagging little spaniel dog home. That male spaniel was about one month. old. It was a very good looking white puppy with brown spots all over the body.

We named it Jackie. For few days Jackie was too much restless in the new environment. As a social creature he began to suffer from separation anxiety. He was barking loudly and did not want to eat his food for few days.

I regularly looked after the needs of my puppy and provided him a great chew proof dog bed, toys and as much comfort as we knew how. Gradually the puppy acclimatized himself with our family atmosphere and became loyal and obedient to me mainly.

Jackie began to move within the family comfortably and after few days it tried to crunch the household objects. This is natural for dogs at that age because of their teeth. So I supplied some toys for chewing. When his teeth were fully grown the problem disappeared.

Now Jackie became our family member. To teach him the new habits and manners I had to give him some baby dog training using some dog training treats. I got the information about the procedure of training from literature. First I taught him to use the right place for potty. Then I started the obedience training.

training is to create the mutual understanding between me and Jackie. It also helped him to grow mentally and physically. I also enjoyed the company of Jackie very much. Always Jackie’s health was my concern. I had to pay close attention to his behavior.

Generally to keep him fit I provided him all natural pet supplies using homemade nutritional food that was prepared by my wife. We studied all dog food reviews and decided homemade was best.

I always consulted with the veterinary for any health problem. Besides I took him to the hospital at least once in three months for thorough checking of his health. With the passing days a great relationship of love and affection grew between me and Jackie.

I began to realize that the dogs are superior to any other pet. Jackie became the best companion of me. When I had to stay outside for office work I missed him very much.

At the age of fifteen Jackie was attacked by a rare kind of allergy. The dog illness diagnosis is so hard to hear when there is nothing you can do to help him.

I had tried to heal the disease at my best. I consulted with many veterinary doctors. But all my efforts failed and Jackie died after three months. Still now I can not forget Jackie and offer my gratitude on his death anniversary I will miss him always.

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