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Contrary to popular belief the condition of a dog’s nose, wet/dry -cold/hot, are not symptoms of a sick dog.

The only concerns you should have are the color and texture of your dog’s nose. Changes in these areas need to be addressed with your veterinarian.

There are other symptoms however that can indicate your dog is ill. Here is a list of symptoms and possible causes.

In no way is this intended to replace a visit to your veterinarian and if any of these symptoms are present it is recommended you contact your vet.

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Dog illness symptoms and possible causes

Bad Breath / Bleeding gums --- Periodontal disease, tooth decay, lung disease, kidney disease

Bloody Stools --- worms, intestinal blockage, anal fissure due to constipation

Blood in urine --- urinary tract infection, kidney disease, internal trauma

Constant drinking --- canine diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, Cushings

Constipation --- change of diet, intestinal blockage

Coughing --- kennel cough, pneumonia, heartworm, heart disease

Diarrhea --- change in diet, stress, worms, Parvo, Corona virus

Ear odor/discharge --- ear infection, mite infestation, foreign object in ear

Fever over 102F --- viral or bacterial infection, dehydration, heat stroke

Hair Loss --- parasitic infection, mange, skin allergies

Head Shaking --- ear infection, mite infestation

Inflamed ears ---  ear infection, mite infestation

Irritated skin --- parasitic infestation, allergic reaction, insect bite

Less frequent urination --- kidney stones, kidney disease

Lethargy --- many possible causes, should always be addressed

Lameness --- injury, hip or elbow dysphasia

Loss of appetite --- ranges from diet to severe issues

Pale gums --- shock, anemia, diabetic shock

Pot belly --- worm infestation, obesity, tumor

Runny eyes --- allergies, in-grown eyelash, foreign material in eye

Scratching --- depends on body part, mites, fleas, allergies

Stiff movement --- injury, arthritis, dysphasia

Sudden/dramatic weight loss --- worm infestation, cancer, Cushings disease

--- flu, worm infestation, gastrointestinal problems, poisoning

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Canine illnesses

It is very important that if you notice any of these symptoms alone or combined, that you have your pet seen by the vet. Almost all of these conditions can be treated if caught early; however, left untreated some of these can be fatal.

It is important to check your dogregularly for changes in appearance, behavior and eating habits.

When grooming your dog you can physically check for changes in coat, skin and extremities. Symptoms of a sick dog are generally easy to spot when you provide regular care and grooming for your dog.

Staying in regular contact, and having an open line of communication with, your veterinarian and his staff makes regular vet care simple. Having a well cared for pet is the greatest reward.

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