The family watch dog

by Cadie Milligan
(Hamlet. NC)

Roo a lucky dog rescue

Roo a lucky dog rescue

I am a fairly proud pet parent. My home includes four dogs and two cats. Each and every one of my pets has a personality, but just like in any group there is one outstanding personality.

My oldest, and biggest, pet is a Chow/Lab mix named Roo. No, she is not named after the Winnie the Pooh character. She is actually named after the Kangaroos shoe brand.

Yes, my family is an odd bunch when it comes to naming pets. We also have a Teaky, Princess Piper, Princess Flossy, Isabelle, Juliana or Checkers, and Emily Sophie Marie Francine (one name).

Roo has been an odd duck from the start. I actually rescued her from a Flea Market at the premature age of 5-6 weeks old, her previous owners were giving the entire litter away for free to be rid of them.

She was just an adorable, fluffy ball of golden fur and I held her for nearly two hours until we made it home.

Roo was a quickly adapting little dog, and took to be a guard right from the start. There has not been one Postal Worker to drive by our house without her barking at their bumper.

Unfortunately, her guarding has gone to the extent of sexism. There are no males living in our house, and Roo seems to think that means all men are terrible. My dog is a feminist.

That's my Roo.



Hi Cadie,

I am so happy you found Roo, my Tiffany was on her way to a flea market at the age of 5 weeks when I brought her home also.

That is a picture of her when she first came home.

Way too soon to take away from her Mom but some people just don't care. You find all kinds of dogs at the flea markets and it is heart breaking to know that the owners have no idea what kind of homes the dogs are going to.

Thanks for sharing,

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