Veterniary Pet Insurance

"Canine Illnesses"

Is veterniary pet insurance a good investment or a silly waste of money. Each person really has to decide this for themselves.

Years ago the veterinary was mainly for large animals. Cows, horses, ranchers and farmers were the ones that use a veterinarian. The average dog was an outside cur that never saw a veterinarian or had a shot. The average cat was an old barn cat keeping the mice population controlled.

Today we are very different. Many of us see out pets practically as children or at least as very cherished pets. The pet visits  the vet annually for their shots and check ups. We don't hesitate when a health issue arises and we must take our precious baby to the doctor.

Pet Insurance is not for everyone, but if you are considering it, here are some things to think about.

Canine Illness

Yes, canine illness is taken very seriously here in this household. I have to check Hanna regularly for spots (a sign that the  cancer recurred ) Her allergies are under control but she has flare ups and needs treatments if they get too bad. So we see the vet about as often as I see my doctor.

As a pet ages, just like us, health problems occur. Cancer, kidney failure, arthritis  are just a few of the diseases or ailments that can affect the senior dog. There was a time when people would just put the pet to sleep but today there are treatments that can extend the pets life and control the pain.

Pet Medicine

These treatments are not cheap and ongoing radiation therapy, transplants and such can run into the thousands. The veterniary bills can easily add up fast with long term treatments or accidents and surgery.

Canine health problems

Routine Care Pet Insurance

There are insurance companies that cover routine check ups as well as the more expensive treatments. You need to first decide what type insurance you would like and what price you are able to pay.

Six things to consider while searching for pet insurance.

1 - Is the pet insurance company approved in your state? Some states do not approve all companies and you don't want to buy into one that is of no use to you in your location.

2 - How long have they been in business? Do they have a good pay out record for long term illnesses? If they are new you may not know how good they are for chronic illnesses. They need a history you can check out.

3 - What is their pay out? Do you pay in full and than get reimbursed? Is there a percentage they will only pay? Do you have a co-pay?

4 - Is it renewable? Do they exclude certain conditions when it is time to renew your policy? Are they going to drop you if you had a major claim?

5 - Is there a pre-certification to your pets treatment? Do you have to get approval before treatment to receive coverage. This could be a problem in an emergency. 

6 - Does your veterniary accept this insurance? Does the insurance allow you to pick your own veterinary?

These are just a few things to consider when looking for pet insurance. Ask your veterniary about pet insurance. What does he/she recommend? They will probably know what is available in your area. Also you can do a search online for just the perfect one for you and your pet.

As with any insurance we hope we never need it but are thankful if we do. It is one less thing to worry about when our pets need medical treatment.

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