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Canine ear problems can be breed-specific; however, any breed or mix can suffer from a variety of ear problems. On most occasions the owner will be the first to notice any changes or symptoms of ear issues.

Ear infection symptoms

These symptoms can vary from shaking the head to rubbing the ears on other surfaces and can even include dizziness, confusion and even deafness if serious enough.

The canine ear consists of the external ear or pinna, a skin-lined canal (the external ear canal), descending to the tympanic membrane (the ear drum) which protects the middle and inner ear canal. Each of these areas can present their own set of problems.

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For the floppy eared dogs, or those with an ear flap that partially or completely covers the opening of the ear, these ear problems can be more prevalent, frequent and severe.

Dogs with erect ears, or those whose ear flap stands up on their own or with correction (cropping and/or training), have less frequent and less severe ear problems.

Canine ear problems can be prevented in most situations with proper ear care and regular inspection of the ear flap and canal. When examining your dogs ears if you notice one or more of the following a trip to the vet may be necessary.




Swollen ear flap

Heat emanating from the ear

Talk to your vet about ear cleaning products and how often you should do this. There is a simple method to this task, and some supplies you should have at hand before you begin. When Fido has an earful of solution is not the best time to go get cotton balls!

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Dog ear cleaning - discount dog supplies

*Ear cleaning supplies*

Ear wash solution

Cotton Balls

Tweezers (for some dogs plucking a few of the excess hairs is necessary to
allow air flow)

Q-tips (only use in the ear flap, never in the ear canal)

Paper towels, tissue or other absorbent towel

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Vet's Best Ear Relief Wash & Dry for Dogs (4 fl. oz.)

Vet's Best Ear Relief Wash & Dry for Dogs (4 fl. oz.)

Vet's Best Ear Relief Wash & Dry for DogsGentle Ear Relief Wash and Dry products were formulated by a veterinarian to avoid the use of stinging alcohol and steroids to treat ear problems. The naturally soothing ingredients in Ear Relief Wash and Dry combine to provide fast relief when your dog's ears itch, smell, or appear to be raw, red, sore or greasy. Ear Relief Wash and Dry also helps prevent mites, ear scratching, painful "swimmer's ear" and wax buildup. Use after your pet swims or is given a bath. Use regularly to keep ears clean, fresh, and dry.

Most ear washes have the same basic instructions. However! Always read the instructions carefully on your ear wash product! These apply also if using a natural solution made at home.

1) A few drops of the solution should be placed in the ear flap and a few more just inside the ear canal. Your dog will probably try to shake these out, try to keep as much of the solution as possible inside.

2) Massage gently the base of the dogs’ ear to move the solution down the canal. You will typically hear the solution squishing in the ear canal.

3) Use cotton balls and/or q-tips to wipe clean any discharge or debris from the flap and ear canal opening. Remember your dog’s ear drum can be easily ruptured, so never use q-tips inside the ear canal.

Using these tips to care for your dog’s ears should prevent a good many canine ear problems and make life easier for you and your best friend!

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