Unique Crochet Dog Sweater Pattern

"Doggie coats"

This crochet dog sweater was inspired by this little knit sweater I found in a thrift store. It is a tiny sweater and may have been for a stuffed toy. But I find it perfect Chihuahua clothes size. For some reason it just caught my eye and I bought it.

doggie coats
choosing a dog breed

When I got it home I decided to try reproduce it in crochet and to make some cute crochet dog sweaters or dog jackets. This is the pattern I came up with and you are welcomed to use it.

My girls don’t

mind wearing sweaters and shirts but they sure don’t like modeling for me. They always look like they are being punished. Guess they will never be show dogs.

free crochet dog sweater pattern

Crochet dog sweater pattern

chihuahua clothes
free crochet dog sweater pattern

This sweater will fit any small breed dog between the weight of 5 to 15 pounds. If you need it longer or shorter between the neck and tail just add or decrease the number of rows crocheted

I used 4 ply worsted weight yarn for this crochet dog sweater and a size J crochet hook.

Free easy crochet dog sweater pattern

breeds of dog

If using thin yarn use two strands

If using thick yarn use one strand

J crochet hook

Back part of sweater

Chain 31 starting at neck

1 – DC in 2nd ch from hook and than across (30 st)

2 – Ch 2 turn, repeat row 1

3 – Attach black, ch 1, sc across

4 – Repeat row 3

5 – With main color ch 2, dc across

6 – Repeat row 5

7 – Fold collar in half, sc through both halves across

8 – Ch 2, dc across

9 – 17 Repeat row 8

18 – 19 pick up black yarn, sc across

The Checkerboard design

20 – Pick up red 3 dc, pick up whit (carry red and white through out this design) 3 dc, repeat 3 red than 3 white to end

21 – 23 repeat row 20 alternating colors

24 – 25 pick up black sc across

26 – Pick up red dc across

27 – 28 Decrease 1 st on each end of these rows dc across

29 – Dec 1 st in center dc across

End off.

Chest Part of dog sweater

Starting at belly end and crocheting towards neck

Ch 16

1 – 1 dc in each ch across

2 – 5 ch 2 dc across

6 – 13 decrease 2 st spaced evenly in each row

14 you should now have 1 stitch. End off.

Stitch up neck and stitch in chest piece. Leave about a 2-inch hole on each side for legs. I positioned my leg openings about 5 inches down from neck point.

Crochet Dog Sweater to Dogs Clothes