Cute puppy pictures and where to find them

"Puppy Gallery"

Golden Retriever Puppy Wrapped in US Flag
24 in. x 18 in.
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Cute puppy pictures can be found on just about everything and almost everywhere. I collect all almost all the items I come across that have Yorkies on it. If you are shopping for yourself or a dog lover here are some ideas of what you can find.

You will discover mugs, aprons, bags, posters and more. I have a really cute key chain my granddaughter gave me; it is a Yorkie face and made of pewter. Of course it also comes in many other breeds also.

My knitting bag came from my secret sister at church. It is black canvas with two beautiful Yorkies on it. I use the bag whenever I am on the road and have had many nice comments on it. Of course I have a Yorkie mug for my morning coffee, this is a gift my daughter gave me one Christmas.

Maltese Dogs Wearing the American Flag
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Cute puppy gallery

This year my calendar is of all different breed puppies. Each month features the sweet innocence of a different puppy breed. All are so very adorable. But I admit this is usually always Yorkshire Terriers also.

You can also find some really cute pictures and have them put on a license plate or car tag. Naturally I have a Yorkie tag on my car and a window cling on the lower front corner of my car windshield.

7 Shih Tzus in Moonlight Keepsake Box

Spoiled Bratt Yorkie Baseball Jersey

There are beautiful posters of all breeds of puppies. If you are looking for a gift, think about CafĂ© press. There you could even use you own pictures to make up a personalized gift.  You can create or buy anything from a Tee shirt to a Bib, all with you own pictures or you can pick from their stock.

Rocky and Gretchen
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Some more ideas for cute puppy pictures would be a mouse pad, picture frame, sweat shirt, cell phone case all with your favorite breed represented.

I even have a pen with the cutest Yorkies you have ever see all over the pen. There are many gift ideas for cute puppy pictures for any breed you favor. If a birthday is coming or you are shopping early for Christmas you will find a great selection of items for your pet lover friends.

Cute puppy pictures are all around us on everything from a mug to slippers. I know I can't pass up a sweet Yorkie or Shih Tzu puppy picture. I have cups, postcards, key chains, statues and pictures of the cutest little pups.

I know I am not the only one that loves and collects specific breed pictures and any items with them on it. There are calendars, beautiful posters, and checkbook covers and even slippers, yes I do have a pair of slippers with Shih Tzus on them. There is just something about the sweetness and innocence of a puppy. Those loving, trusting eyes always touch a spot in my heart.

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