Puppy growth chart

"Stages of puppy development"

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A puppy growth chart should have information in it concerning more than just the weight of the puppy.

Puppy socialization is very important as the puppy goes through many phases during its development and these stages can and do affect his personality for life. So it is important to be aware of the various stages. Choose carefully the puppy obedience school you take him to.

The first 12 weeks are most critical for all puppies. They developed social skills, fears, and behavior skills that can last a lifetime. This is the time his personality and social skills are developed.

Puppy growth development and growth rate

puppy rescue adoption

Puppys First Year

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As the puppy goes through these developmental phases or stages it is a good idea to know each one and how to handle it.

A puppy taken from the mother before 8 10 weeks and not properly socialized can develop problems such as timidity, fear biting, phobias and dominance aggression. During the first weeks a puppy learns from his mother and litter mates.

Average puppy growth weight

Puppy growth and personality

Puppies are born deaf, blind and toothless and are completely dependent on their mothers for a couple of weeks.

2 – 4 weeks: His eyes begin to open; he is also hearing now and can smell. He is starting to test his legs and will take some wobbly steps. He begins to wag his tail. His main activity is sleeping and eating. Mom will be with them 99 % of the time.

5 – 8 weeks: He now has full vision and can make sounds. Mother begins to teach him is doggy manners at this stage. This is when they will begin to develop a relationship with people. They will learn to like people or fear them according to how they are treated. Mom will be spending more time away form them.

8 – 9 weeks: Potty training can begin. They will start picking their potty spots so it is time to place a potty pad down.</p>

10 – 12 weeks: Social skills began. They should meet people and other pets. They should be positive experiences. They are now exploring and curious. It is a good time to begin car rides and obedience class. At this stage he is happy to please you.</p>

12 – 16 weeks: He will start showing independence. He is teething and he will be chewing and gnawing on everything. Give him plenty of chew toys and make sure his space is puppy proof. No electrical cords and such.

6 – 20 weeks:Anther great stretch of time for training. He is happy and ready to please you.

17 – 40 weeks: This period of time can be thought of as his teenage years. He is all energy and independence but in need of a lot of guidance.

40 – 52 weeks: The puppy will have grown to his full size by now. Maturity will depend on his breed.

Puppy growth development

The puppies personality development will depend a great deal on what happens in the special first 12 weeks of his life.

It is important for the breeder to be always of this. It will make the difference between a happy dog that finds a wonderful family to love or a dog that gets adopted and put in the pound.

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