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Want to adopt a Maltese puppy? Before choosing any breed it is best to be fully informed. All breeds have different characteristics for which they were originally bred, and it can be beneficial to the future owner to be familiar with these.

Choosing a puppy

The Maltese, as the name indicates, originated on the Isle of Malta.

Some believe the Maltese was originally used for rodent control before being appreciated for the beauty and companionship qualities the breed also possesses.

There were many names for this breed before The Kennel Club settled on “Maltese” in the 19th century, including “ancient dog of Malta”, “Roman Ladies’ dog”, “Comforter Dog”, “Maltese Lion Dog” and “Maltese Terrier” among many others.

But do not be confused, the Maltese is not a terrier, it is from the spaniel family.

Puppy weight chart

The Maltese averages 4 – 7 pounds fully grown and stands 8 - 10 inches tall. The typical lifespan is 12 to 14 years. The coat is long, with no under coat and is always white.

Light lemon or cream ears are acceptable but this is considered an imperfection. The eyes and nose are always dark. The nose may lighten to pink or light brown without exposure to the sun, this is called the “winter nose”, and will normally darken again with more sun exposure.

maltese dog breed

Maltese dog breed

When you adopt a Maltese you must always keep their personality in mind. These dogs are bred as companion dogs, and even their appearance is one that seems to inspire cuddling.

They thrive on love and attention, they are very lively and playful even after leaving the puppy stage. The Maltese can be snappish with small children so should be monitored during play when small children are present. The chance of this can be reduced with proper socialization as a puppy.

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dog breed maltese

The Maltese excels in small areas like apartment living or where only a small yard is available. In apartment or town-house living these dogs have a reputation as being very vocal and curbing this tendency can be a frustrating endeavor.

There are many Maltese rescue associations. These can be found by a quick google search for one in your area. The Maltese is a regular breed to be “dumped” due to their high tenacity to “yap” or bark constantly.

They can also be a high maintenance breed for their coat requirements. They have a long coat that needs to be brushed daily or kept in a puppy cut that requires a visit to the groomer every 4 – 6 weeks. However, even with these necessities, the Maltese is a rewarding breed and a faithful companion.

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