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chocolate lab puppy

When choosing chocolate lab dog names there are a wide array of ideas to get you started. Here are a few suggestions that will get your creative juices flowing.

Plush chocolate lab names

Also remember puppies learn their names faster and easier if the name ends with an “o” sound (Bing-o, Marc-o, Beau) or a “y” sound (Hone-y, Miss-y, Charlie).

There are also strict requirements for naming a pedigreed dog, set by the breeds kennel club. You can always substitute a nickname for the registered name or abbreviate the pedigree name to something easy to say and remember.

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Felicity Huffman's chocolate lab retriever "Tucker"

Chocolate lab dog names – Not quite original but always popular puppy names for chocolate labs.

Hershey, Snickers, Cadbury, Reese, Tootsie, Choco, Coco, Dutch

Foreign Chocolate Lab dog names – An interesting twist would be to use the foreign translation for chocolate for your chocolate lab puppy names. Here are a few:

Italian:  cioccolato, German:  Schokolade (Schoko perhaps for short?), Esperanto:  cokolado, Swedish:  choklad, Indonesian:  coklat, Maltese:  cikkulata (Cikku sounds neat), Finnish:  suklaa

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Unique puppy names

Personality trait names – These are used often when the puppy has a strong personality trait that makes them easy to name.

Chewy, Sneaky, Happy, Rebel, Meanie, Snoopy, Grumpy, Spooky, Bouncer, Bounder, Buddy, Hunter, Tracker, Prancer, Precious, Danger, Pixie, Rowdy, Frisky, Boomer,

Famous dog names – These can be chocolate lab specific or one of many other famous dogs in movies, cartoons, books or television.

Dino,Marley, Benji, Marmaduke, Fang (Jack London’s “Call of the Wild”), Snoopy, Goofy,  Beethoven, Cujo, Lassie, Slugo, Odie, Wolfie, Buddy (the famous chocolate lab owned by Pres. Bill Clinton), Bootsy, Zeke (the wonder dog mascot for Michigan State Spartans), Barney (Pres. George Bush’s dog), Blondi (Adolph Hitler’s dog), Bolivar (Donald Duck’s dog), Bullet (Roy Roger’s german shepherd), Checkers (Pres. Richard Nixon’s  dog), Chesty (U.S. Marine’s mascot), Clipper (Pres. J.F. Kennedy’s dog), Comet ( Full House golden retriever), Duke (Jed Clampett’s bloodhound), Eddie (from Frazier), Kato (O.J. Simpson’s dog), Hugo (Marilyn Monroe’s dog), Laika (the first dog in space), Mafia (Marilyn Monroe’s poodle, a gift from Frank Sinatra)

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Favorite puppy names

Cool puppy names – Sometimes you just want your pups name to be something unique.

Dog (pronounced dee-oh-gee), Dante, Bacardi, Isis, Chaos, Athena, Mystic, Chico, Hanna, Sadie, Buck, Chance, Chauncy

Anything you can think of has the possibility of being a cool puppy name. It just takes a little creativity to give your puppy the perfect name. Whether they are male or female, finding chocolate lab puppy names can be a fun and interesting undertaking.

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