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Are small dogs good with kids just born that way? Any dog, large breed or small can be great or totally untrustworthy. The real key to how a dog reacts to people, places and things is how the dog was socialized from the beginning.

If the dog has not been socialized property than size does not matter in the least. Small dogs good with kids is not the only thing you must consider. How are the kids with the small dogs or any dog?

For example the Chihuahua or Papillion are usually great with kids. But they are small with tiny bones and can be hurt easily. Their fragile structure cannot take the roughhousing the sturdier breeds can.

Toddlers lack the understanding of how to hold them properly. This doesn’t make the dogs bad just a bad choice for a home with very young children.

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Types of small dogs good with kids

Some smaller breeds you may want to consider are:

Jack Russell Terrier Needs a lot of early socialization while a puppy and adolescent to curb aggressive behavior. Gets along well with older children.

Shih Tzu: Is charming and personable dogs are devoted to their owners and their families

Yorkshire TerrierpPlays hard and has limitless energy.

Toy Poodle(not tiny size) Poodles are wonderful with kids.

Beagle: Are calm, loyal and excellent with children and other dogs. The breed is cheerful and happy and they make good family pets.

Bichon Frise: Is a charming little companion dog that is lively, playful and affectionate. This dog barks very little and is easy to live with. They adapt well to families and children.

This is a list of only a few small dogs good with kids. Go to the AKC site for more information on the various breeds. If you have children under the age of 8 consider any dog that matures at more then 10 lbs.

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Small breeds of dogs for adoption

Also don’t forget to check out the pound and the animal rescues like the Humane Center. The rescues usually have evaluated the dogs and know which ones are good with kids and which ones need an adult home.

If a dog has never been around children than they may be frighten by the kids activity. Kids always want to pick up and hug small dogs but if they are use to children than they may get bitten.

I heard about this 7-year-old boy that was playing with his pet. He wasn’t being mean just playing around the ways little boys do. He was pretending the dog was a boxer (not a dog type boxer but a person boxer with gloves).

The next thing you know the front leg popped out of its socket. The child was terrified and the dog was in agony. That is why you should not have a tiny dog with kids.

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Small dogs good with kids

When considering small dogs good with kids don't forget you must teach your children how to handle any size dog. Children do not understand about animals unless they are taught and teaching them is very important.

Not only for your pets but for the safety of the child. They should know how to approach or not approach a strange dog. They must understand when it comes to other people’s animals not all will be friendly and ready to play or be hugged.

My dogs are used to small children of every size because the grandchildren are in and out of here constantly. But when we are out traveling and stop in a rest area and a child sees Tiffany they always want to run up and grab her or pet her. So I back off and try to teach the child not to do that not because Tiffany would bite but the next dog they do that to may.

Many seniors’ dogs never see children and would be startled and react badly because of this. So it is important for the children to learn about dogs and not to find dogs good with kids.

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