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At my house there is an assortment of dog collars and tags. Naturally every year my girls get their shots and check-up.

So we have new tags to replace the out of date ones. For some unknown reason I can never throw the old rabies tag away, they always end up in their medical folder.

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Have you heard about the new idea of GPS on your dog? Here is one time I could really kick myself for not following through with an idea. My husband and I travel often in our RV and the dogs always go with us.

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They had just come out with the ID capsule that is put under the pets skin, so if your dog slipped away and somebody picked him up and if they took it to a vet and if the vet ran a scan they could than identify your pet and return him. Well that is a lot of ifs to me.

There are two or three things wrong with the above idea. First not all small dogs are taken to a vet to be scanned. Lets face it my pedigree Yorkie or my adorable mix breed are both small and loveable. If the wrong people were to find one of them and I wasn’t around than I no doubt would never see her again.

Another problem with the information only being available when scanned is, what if nobody picks up your pet and he is just lost wandering around trying to find his way back to you.

As I said my husband and travel a lot out of town and out of state so the area would be unfamiliar to them and getting lost permanently is extremely likely.

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Many people travel with their pets today. Of course our pets always have their dog collars and tags on.

But say they slipped out the door or the leash broke or any accident happened and they got away. They are in an unfamiliar area and would be lost quickly. If they aren’t found and taken to a vet who knows what would happen to them. Dog ID tags wouldn’t be of any help here either.

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My husband got us new cell phones with the GPS when they first came out. We were in Florida and where I always am extra careful when I walk the dogs because of alligators. I told him GPS is what we need for the dogs.

That way if they ever got away and frighten and lost we could just use the GPS to locate them. We would not have to worry and wait to see if some kind soul happened to come across them. Well as usual I am a day late and a dollar short. GPS for our pets is here and working today. But either way, I am glad they have come up with this for our furbabies.

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